3 consecutive victories in Pohang, overall championship in Uljin Domin Sports Festival for the first time in 12 years

Pohang City (Sibu) and Uljin County (Gunbu) each ranked first, and the ’61st Gyeongbuk Provincial Sports Festival’ came to an end.

The event, which was held in Uljin for four days from the 21st to the 24th, included 26 official events such as track and field, soccer and basketball, as well as 4 demonstration events such as horseback riding, baseball, hapkido and foot volleyball. About 11,000 athletes from 23 cities and counties participated in 37 stadiums, including the Uljin-gun Sports Complex, and displayed their honed skills to the fullest.

In the comprehensive ranking of cities and towns, Pohang, Gumi and Gyeongsan took second and third place. In the overall military ranking, Yecheon-gun and Chilgok-gun ranked second and third after Uljin-gun. Pohang City recorded three consecutive victories in the tournament, and Uljin-gun regained the first place in 12 years.토토사이트

The Best Athletes Awards went to Mungyeong City, the city of the city, and Ulleung-gun, the military. The achievement award went to Andong-si, the father-in-law, and Seongju-gun, the military. Gunwi-gun and Gunwi-gun Sports Association, which will be incorporated into Daegu in July, received special awards.

The Sibu Best Athlete Award was given to Song Myeong-ji (Apnyang Middle School 3) of Gyeongsan City, who competed in the women’s swimming event, and the Military Best Athlete Award went to Chilgok-gun Kim Hong-yu (Sunsim High 1st), who competed in the men’s track and field event. Song Myeong-ji and Kim Hong-yu were honored with four crowns each. Including them, 63 people were awarded multiple awards, and 15 new records were set in three events (track and field, swimming, shooting).

Kim Jeom-doo, president of the Gyeongbuk Provincial Sports Council, said, “It was a meaningful event held for the second time in Uljin, the first for the military. I would like to thank the head of Uljin County, who spared no effort, and all the players who gave their best in the game, risking the honor of the region.”