All-time ‘goal party’ and all-time ‘money party’

party’ and a ‘money party ’ It’s gone. This is because not only has the highest number of goals ever been scored, but the prize money is also the highest ever.

A total of 172 goals were scored in this tournament, surpassing the 171 goals scored in France in 1998 and Brazil in 2014, setting a new record for the most goals in one tournament. This is thanks to the six goals scored in the final between Argentina and France, 3-3. In the World Cup finals, six goals were scored for the second time in a row following the 2018 Russia tournament (France 4-2 Croat

By team, runner-up France scored the most with a total of 16 goals, led by top scorer Kylian Mbappe (8 goals). Champions Argentina followed with a total of 15 goals, including seven from Lionel Messi. On average, 2.68 goals were scored per game. In this category, 5.38 goals in the 1954 Swiss tournament is the highest ever. 메이저사이트

The size of the prize money is staggering. Argentina, who won the tournament, will receive a prize money of 42 million dollars (approximately 54.9 billion won) from the International Football Federation (FIFA). This is the largest ever, an increase of $4 million from the $38 million won in Russia in 2018. At the time of the 1986 Mexico tournament, when Argentina won the previous championship, the prize money was 2.8 million dollars, a 15-fold increase in 36 years.

The winning prize was only 8 million dollars at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, but jumped to 20 million dollars at the 2006 German tournament, and opened an era of 30 million dollars at the 2010 South African tournament.

France, the runner-up, will take away about 30 million dollars (approximately 39.2 billion won). The 16 countries eliminated in the group stage also receive 9 million dollars each, and the 8 countries eliminated in the round of 16, including Korea, receive 14 million dollars. The four losing countries in the quarterfinals received 17 million dollars, 4th place Morocco received 25 million dollars, and 3rd place Croatia received 27 million dollars.

FIFA distributes a total of 209 million dollars (approximately 275.8 billion won) in subsidies not only to each country, but also to the player’s club team. Calculate $10,000 per person per day. In the case of a player who made it to the finals, it seems that he brought $370,000 to his team.