‘As expected, the first nomination’ Yoon Tae-hyun & Lee Rowun, the director was also surprised… “Once you pass the position”

 SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung looked at young pitchers in their first and second years and gave them passing marks.

Director Kim met with reporters at the 2023 Spring Camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA on the 11th (Korean time) and said, “For now, the pitch is passing.”

The players coach Kim wants to praise are side pitcher Yoon Tae-hyeon (20), who joined in 2022 and has been in his second year, and Lee Ro-un (19), a rookie in 2023.

First of all, regarding Yoon Tae-hyun, coach Kim said, “I tried to put Tae-hyun in the opening entry after seeing him throw a ball in Jeju Island last year. Then, right before the opening, I got Corona 19 and my condition deteriorated, so I ended up in the 2nd group. He is watching this year, and the ball is good,” he expected.

Yoon Tae-hyun, who joined in 2022 after graduating from Incheon High School, is highly anticipated. It is evaluated that he has good control and the ability to manage the game. There’s a reason he was nominated for the 1st round메이저사이트. He raised great expectations last year, but he had a hard time getting in shape after being confirmed with Corona 19.

That’s why this year’s resolution is firm. In January, he started preparations for the season early in Kagoshima, Japan, along with left-hander Kim Tae-hoon.

Yoon Tae-hyun, who said, “Last year, there are many things I regret,” said, “I think I need to prepare more. Last year, he lost his balance and couldn’t throw the ball hard. In Kagoshima, Japan, I came with a sense of satisfaction with the help of senior Taehun. This year, I will show a different side from last year.”

The pitcher coach Kim is watching closely is rookie Ro-Woon Lee. Director Kim said, “Isn’t it the first nomination? I have to open the lid, but so far it seems like a player who was nominated for the first round. He seems to have confidence too. He seems confident in the balls he throws. He still has some monotony, but he looks good for now,” he praised.

On the 10th, Lee Rowun checked 24 fastballs, 3 curveballs, 8 sliders, and 6 changeups. His highest fastball speed was 146.9 km. Catcher Kim Min-sik, who received the ball from Lee Row-un, said, “The trajectory of the fastball, it is better to extend it. He also throws a good changeup. It is not like a rookie,” he praised.

Lee Rowun is a right-handed orthodox pitcher, and based on his fastball of up to 151 km, he was evaluated as having stable control and game management skills that allowed him to compete with both left and right-handed batters. We are looking forward to seeing whether the two players, Yoon Tae-hyun and Lee Ro-wun, will reveal the future of the SSG mound.