Australian football bloodshed… Crowd rushes in and hits the goalkeeper with an iron bucket

There was an incident in which spectators stormed in and attacked the goalkeeper in the Australian professional football A-League.

The Associated Press reported on the 17th (local time) the spectator intrusion that occurred at the Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City’s ‘Melbourne Derby’ held at AAMI Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 메이저사이트

About 20 minutes into the game, spectators threw red flames onto the ground. In response, Melbourne City goalkeeper Tom Glover threw the prominence back towards the crowd, turning the atmosphere into a frenzy.

Melbourne Victory fans stormed the field throwing objects. One of the spectators then threw an iron bucket into Glover’s face.

Afterwards, players and officials stopped the fans and the riot was over. Glover exited the arena bleeding from his right ear.

The Australian Football Association announced a heavy punishment. The association said in a statement that “this kind of behavior has no place in Australian football” and that it would “immediately conduct a full investigation and impose strong sanctions.”

Recently, the Australian Professional League (APL) sold its ownership of the A-League Grand Finals to Sydney. Fans continued to protest against this, and it is known that Gyeonggi-do scheduled a group exit for about 20 minutes that day.