Back in OH, Moon Jung-won + Kim Yeon-dog’s Hoseobi runs Polish bowshoo

South Korea’s women’s volleyball team dropped its second straight match at the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifiers, but non-libero outside hitter Moon Jung-won’s card worked.

South Korea faced Poland in the second match of Group C of the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Tournament at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland, in the early morning hours of Monday (Aug. 18). The result was a 1-3 (22-25, 26-24, 21-25, 9-25) loss.

South Korea lost their first match of the tournament against Italy 0-3. For the second game, the team made changes. Kim Yeon-yeon was the starting libero, while Moon Jung-won waited in the warm-up area without a libero uniform.

South Korea brought her on after the score was 14-14 in the second set and 14-19 in the third. Coming in from the back row, Moon worked side-by-side with Kim Yeon-yeon to create synergy.

Moon Jung-won and Kim Yeon-yeon continued to play solid defense, which allowed Korea to rally and turn the tide with Kang So-hwi and Lee Ju-ah scoring points. After a successful defense by Moon Jeong-won in a steal attack situation, the score was 20-21, and after another successful defense by Moon Jeong-won, Kang So-hwi knotted the rally at 21-21. After an effective block, Lee Ju-ah’s mobile attack worked. The players’ expressions started to brighten as they succeeded in taking the lead at 22-21. Lee Ju-ah scored a block. The score was 23-21, a two-point lead.

Eventually, Poland pulled out veteran setter Joanna Wojcicki to replace her. Olivia Rozanski came on and scored an attack to tie the score at 23-23. Kang So-hwi hit a winner to make it 24-23, and Pyo Seung-ju came to the rescue in a deuce situation. Pyo Seung-ju made it 15-14 with a quick attack, and after a successful Kang So-hwi defense, Pyo Seung-ju scored again on her own attack to seal the second set.

Korea’s effective blocking was also key, and Moon Jung-won shook her opponent not only with her defense but also with her serve.

In the fourth set, Moon Jung-won scored an offensive point. It was a left-handed forehand right attack. It made it 2-4. However, from then on, Korea’s overall performance was shaky and they collapsed. Each set was up and down. At 9-17, they were unable to secure a single point and suffered defeat.

Head coach Cesar Hernandez has been using Moon Jung-won as a libero this year. Against Poland, he switched it up for the first time this year, using Moon as an outside hitter.

The team had been lacking in sophisticated connections, but having Moon and Kim on the court at the same time solved that problem. This allowed them to be more decisive. Their more accurate and quicker attacks helped them score points and turn the tide. The height disadvantage of the 174-centimeter Moon Jung-won was obvious, but her card of returning to the outside hitter paid off.카지노사이트

However, she was unable to overcome the Polish wall. After dropping the second set, Poland pushed hard with Bowsch and main middle blocker Agnieszka Corneluk playing consistently. In the fourth set, the 203-centimeter Stasiak and the 200-centimeter Corneluk were particularly solid. Stasiak and Martina Lukasik contributed 21 and 20 kills, respectively, to lead their team to victory.

South Korea was out-blocked 8-22 as a team. Kang So-hwi and Pyo Seung-ju had 16 and 15 points, respectively, but it was not enough to prevent the team from losing.