‘Baekdol’s Textbook’ Park Ha-rim, a professional golfer, found an agency

Pro golfer Park Ha-rim has built a new nest at Jamix C&B.

Jaemix C&B announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Park Ha-rim on the 9th and said, “It is an honor to be with Pro Park Ha-rim, who maintains the unrivaled number one in the YouTube golf lesson world, enough to be called Baek Do-ri’s textbook channel. It is expected that the talent of Pro Park Ha-rim will be supported by the company’s know-how in content production, creating great synergy with self-produced entertainment content in the future. Please look forward to the fresh collaboration between Pro Park Ha-rim and Jaemix C&B.

Park Ha-rim, who debuted as a KPGA pro in 2014, is actively engaged in activities as a professional golfer by running the ‘Park Ha-rim Golf Academy’. In addition, as a golf influencer who runs the ‘Park Ha-rim PRO’ channel, which ranks first in the number of golf lesson subscribers on YouTube channels in Korea, not only online content, but also TV Chosun ‘Golf King’ appearances and JTBC GOLF ‘All That Swing Season 4’ He is active in various media such as progress. 메이저사이트

Recently, while playing winter golf in Dalat, Vietnam with Hanjin Tourism, the plan to enjoy rounds abroad and receive intensive lessons directly from Pro Park Ha-rim caused a big issue among the golf fandom, and once again returned to the overseas tourism market, which had been frozen due to the pandemic. It is evaluated that it served as an opportunity to bring about a wind of revitalization.

Jamix C&B “As a company specializing in entertainment contents where program producers and intellectual property (IP) experts have gathered with an unrivaled move in the entertainment market, we are currently expanding our own IP-based content business such as movies, dramas, and YouTube as well as entertainment to create music and artist management business. and music distribution business.” In addition, he introduced, “We are predicting growth as a comprehensive content company by expanding our business areas to advertising and commerce business through film production, distribution of overseas copyrights, and expansion of digital content business.”