Bangsil couldn’t laugh… Bangshinsil KLPGA NH Investment & Securities reverse defeat

Lim Jin-hee won the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship on the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour held at Suwon Golf Course in Giheung, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th. Lim Jin-hee recorded her 3rd win in her career, beating Park Ji-young (14 under par) by one stroke with a final round of 4 under par 68 strokes and a total of 15 under par.

Until the end of the game, 19-year-old rookie Bang Sin-sil, who played in the championship group, stood out the most. She ran through the woods, got the ball onto the green, and hit a nice shot under a tree in the fairway. Although he is the best long hitter on the KLPGA Tour with a tee shot close to 300 yards in this tournament, he is also excellent at controlling the distance of his wedge.

Shin-Sil Bang put her second shot on the 15th hole, 80m away, at 2.3m to get a birdie and take the lead alone. In the 16th hole, Bang Shin-sil missed the green, but made a par save and crossed the 80% ridgeline of the championship notice. Park Ji-young finished the game by one stroke, and Lim Jin-hee and other players in the game were two strokes behind.
However, the moment it seemed like the championship was over, a mistake came out. The tee shot of the 17th hole, which curves to the right, went into the forest with a slight hook. It didn’t seem to go deep, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the ball. Bang Shin-sil had to play with a pro provisional ball in case he lost the ball. The fourth shot in the room, where the momentum was broken, did not seem to hit well, and the fifth shot also failed to hit the side of the hole.

Lim Jin-hee recorded the third win in his career. Photos KLPGA
The double bogey seemed to collapse, but Bang Sin-sil wrote another twist drama by putting a long putt of about 10 steps. Bang Sin-sil blocked the 17th hole with a bogey, and tied for the lead with Park Ji-young and Lim Jin-hee with a 14-under par. We could see the match on the last hole.

The 18th hole’s tee shot missed the fairway, but it wasn’t bad. However, no luck with the second shot. His shot went over the green because of a flyer. Bang Sin-sil could not save par. In the end, she bogey-bogeyed the last two holes and finished the tournament in a tie for third place with Lee Ye-won. Lim Jin-hee won by birdie-birdie on the last two holes.

Bangsilsil is nicknamed Bangsil. It is said that his parents gave him this nickname so that he would laugh a lot. But on this day, I couldn’t laugh.

Bang Shin-sil, whose father is a former taekwondo player, is tall and tall (1m73cm) and has excellent athletic skills, reigning as the strongest female golf amateur since childhood. But she also had bends. Two years ago she suffered from hyperthyroidism and lost 10 kg of her weight. She became a representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games, but she lost her way for a while when the competition was postponed for a year.

Last year she was seeded on the KLPGA Tour, where she was only ranked 40th and thus received a conditional seed. There is an evaluation that she did it because her course where the seed match was held was not suitable for her long hitter Bang Shin-sil, but it was a difficult ranking for her Bang Shin-sil.

Since Bang Shin-sil cannot participate in all KLPGA tournaments this year, he is participating more in the Dream Tour (second part tour). Even in the midst of that, Bang Shin-sil showed amazing skills. He tied for fourth while competing for the championship at the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, his KLPGA Division 1 Tour debut, which ended in late April. This NH Investment & Securities is his third competition. Bang Shin-sil competed for the championship in 2 out of 3 competitions.메이저사이트

Bang Shin-sil, who appeared like a comet, needs to win, not compete for championships, to settle down on the KLPGA tour. The KLPGA does not recognize it even if it has good grades if it does not participate in more than 50% of all competitions. Even if you do well, you will not be given the right to participate in the next season. It seems that only about 10 tours of the first part of this season will be able to participate.

The exception is the single championship. If Bang Sin-sil won this tournament, he will receive an official right to participate immediately and can compete for Rookie of the Year with Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yu-min.

Some point out that Bang Shin-sil needs to learn how to win. Bang Sin-sil competed for the championship in the 4th round of the Dream Tour last week, and finished in a tie for 2nd place.