Bare-handed, with a hat… ‘Super catch’ fever

Today (25th) in the major leagues, ‘Super Catch’ literally came out twice.

Let’s take a look at the rare craft created with bare hands and hats.

Tampa Bay shortstop Franco follows the high foul fly with a sprint. 안전놀이터

He catches it wonderfully and cheers, but if you look closely, he catches the ball with his bare right hand, not with a glove.

In a crisis that almost missed the falling ball point, he created a famous scene with his amazing agility.

Tampa Bay, which has nothing to do with defense or offense these days, continued its 14-game winning streak after opening, the most since the 20th century.

Baltimore’s McCann’s batted ball flew over the left-middle fence and flew into the bullpen where relievers warmed up, becoming a home run.

Three days ago, on his birthday, Perez tried unsuccessfully to catch a home run with a hat, but this time, he held out his hat at the right time and completed a rare feat.