Believe that it will work out instead of thinking that it can’t!” Lee believes in the power of affirmations.

She’s in a difficult situation, but she can’t run away. Lee Han-bi believes in the power of positivity and wants to break through the current situation.

The South Korean women’s volleyball team left the country on Thursday to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification Tournament in Łódź, Poland, from June 16-24. South Korea is in Group C alongside host Poland, Italy, Thailand, Slovenia, Germany, the United States and Colombia. The team needs to finish in the top two out of eight teams to qualify for the Olympic Games. It’s a tall order.

The back-to-back international tournaments, starting with the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2023, could be exhausting, but Lee’s expression was not dark when interviewed before departure. When asked if she had any problems managing her physical condition, she said, “The schedule is tight, but all the players are not shy and are pushing each other. This is our job and our goal, so we are working hard,” he said with a smile.

Lee’s performance at the 2023 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Women’s Championship was far from perfect. She had a lot of ups and downs in her attack and serve, especially when compared to the V-League. “I kept working with my teammates to improve my attacking and serving skills. We need to work on this and show it in the qualifiers. I’m also trying to reduce my errors as much as possible on my serve, and the coaches are doing a good job of teaching me what I need to work on. I will try to do well on the court with confidence,” she concluded.

Korea’s first opponent in the preliminary round is Italy. They are a volleyball powerhouse, ranked fifth in the FIVB World Rankings as of 14:13, and have a clear advantage in physicality and power over Korea. “They have better physicality than us,” said Lee Han-bi. We are expecting long rallies. We are preparing a variety of attack routes to deal with high blocks,” he said, warning of Italy’s physicality.

With no guarantee of victory against any of the seven teams they have to face, the team’s situation is not good enough for them to be worried about losing, let alone qualifying. But Lee believes in the power of positivity: “It’s a difficult situation, but it’s important for the players to believe in each other. If we do our best with the belief that it will work out rather than thinking that it won’t, I think we will have good results,” he smiled.카지노사이트

“We are preparing well thanks to the help of many people. I want to show the results of my hard work on the field, especially in receiving and defense.” “I’m also grateful to the fans who support me wherever I go. I will do my best to show you a good performance,” he smiled again. We hope that Lee Han-bi’s bright and hopeful smile will shine in Poland.