Big Leaguers’ Predictions “Ohtani, won’t the Dodgers go?”

What do major league players think about Shohei Ohtani’s future in free agency after this season?

The Athletic published the results of an anonymous survey of major league players on Tuesday.

A total of 103 players from 22 teams participated in the survey, which asked players about their thoughts on various issues in Major League Baseball.

Ohtani will be a free agent after this season. Photo: MK Sports DB
Ohtani, one of the league’s biggest stars, was one of the survey topics. When asked, “If you were in charge of a team today, who is the first player you would sign,” 45.6 percent of players said Ohtani.

So where do players think Ohtani will end up next year? A whopping 57.2% of players predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers, followed by his current team, the Los Angeles Angels (11.4%), San Diego Padres (7.2%), New York Mets (7.2%), and New York Yankees (6.3%). The Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays, and Boston Red Sox also received votes.메이저사이트

The Dodgers’ results are not surprising given their recent history. The Dodgers have been cautious about adding power heading into this season. One can’t help but feel that this was a prelude to signing Ohtani.

“I think it makes sense for the Dodgers to go after him, he’d be a good fit for them,” one pitcher said, adding that it was natural for Ohtani to head to the Dodgers.

“Who has the most money?” another pitcher asked, predicting that the battle for Ohtani would ultimately come down to money. “The Mets and San Diego are going to have a bidding war, and the Dodgers are going to swoop in,” said one American League player.

The Athletic quoted multiple players as saying, “I hope he comes to my team or goes to the team I’m going to play for.” The player is a good player.

The thing is, Ohtani is a good player. He has had a successful career as both a pitcher and a hitter.

“He’s doing the work of two players all by himself,” one player said of Ohtani’s value.

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball players were asked to predict the next city for a new team, with 69% predicting Nashville, Tennessee.

When asked to rate the new rules introduced this season on a scale of worst (1) to best (5), the shift ban received a 3.9 rating, the base size increase received a 3.7 rating, and the pitch clock received a 3.7 rating.

When asked if the pitch clock rule should be changed in the postseason, 60.7% were in favor.