‘Black Combat Champion’ Lee Song-ha “I will give you the best show like ‘Pierrot’”

Like my nickname ‘Pierrot’, I will give my fans the best performance and show in the cage.”

Korean mixed martial arts group ‘Black Combat’ lightweight champion ‘Pierrot’ Lee Song-ha (30, Xavi MMA, photo) said on the 6th “I am receiving undeserved love from the fans, and I will show you an improved image as a champion,” he said.

Recently, as the Black Combat Lightweight Champion, Lee successfully defended the title in the first round against Park Jong-heon (32, Savage Squad), the “Hunter,” who is ranked first in the same weight class. The joy of victory was great as he defeated the biggest rival in the same weight class, but he is working hard on training again after clearing his mind.

He explained, “Even in the off-season, I exercise more than twice a day, and I am concentrating on training with a joyful heart, no difference from the game season.”

As Lee revealed, he is showing off his skills without any tension in actual battles thanks to his usual amount of training. During the first round of the match against Park, he slipped and faced a crisis of becoming a ‘slip-down’, but rather won the ‘arm bar’ victory with a tight grip against Park.

Player Lee said, “Because I put the ‘Triangle Choke’ on Park deeply, it was difficult for Park to breathe, so he wouldn’t be able to release the choke or throw a slam.” It’s a technique I use, but I was confident in doing the ‘triangle choke’ even in the game at the time, and I switched to the ‘arm bar’ after looking at the timing,” he recalled.

He was happy to beat his rival, but he still respected his opponent. He expressed his humility by saying that his earnest desire for victory had brought about good results.

Player Lee said, “Park is not a weak player as he has a good record of matches, and he is definitely not a player that can be ignored.” I am well aware of the difficult situation of working together,” he said.

However, he said, “If Park asks for a revenge match, of course I am willing to accept it. But first, I have to fight other players and challenge myself.”

He always wanted to show the fans a hot game, and he himself expressed his regret. He is a one-piece hitting base, but rather did not show the fans a striking appearance in the game. It was a shape that would be a regret for him, who started with kickboxing from his first year of high school.

This player said, “In my record (3 wins, 2 losses in 5 matches), 2 losses were two matches where I lost to the grapplers, but after that, I supplemented my grappling and it became an advantage, and I became a hexagonal player with evenly equipped abilities in various technical areas.” I feel sorry for not being able to show you something through hitting, but I will work even harder to show you a great batting match.”

Regarding his future goals, he said, “I will fight for the unified title with Juri Ohara (34, match record 31 wins, 3 draws, 18 losses), the Japanese martial arts group DEEP lightweight champion scheduled for September, and become the unified champion, and become the Black Combat lightweight champion 2. I will prepare for the car defense battle,” he said. “If the opportunity arises, I will challenge world-class martial arts organizations in the future, and as a former Black Combat player, I will introduce Black Combat to the world.”먹튀검증