Black Quarterback Mahomes Super Bowl MVP…7-time winner Tom Brady

Patrick Mahomes (27, Kansas City Chiefs) beat Jaylen Hurts (24, Philadelphia Eagles) to win the Super Bowl against Kansas City and Philadelphia in the first black quarterback match in NFL Super Bowl history and won the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the second time . trophy). Maholms left his name as the first quarterback to win the regular season, Super Bowl MVP, and Super Bowl championship all in one season. He is recognized as the player who brought about a change in the quarterback position, which was dominated by whites. He is also evaluated as being able to surpass Tom Brady (retired), who won the Super Bowl 7 times.

Kansas City has made it to the Super Bowl three times in the last four years, winning twice (2020 and 2023). Coach Andy Reid (65), who served as the Philadelphia head coach for 13 years from 1999, won the championship twice after taking the Kansas City lead in 2013.

◇Mahomes shines behind

Kansas City won the Super Bowl 57 held in Glendale, Arizona on the 13th by beating Philadelphia 38-35. Maholms completed 21 passes (27 attempts), resulting in three touchdowns. He recorded 182 passing yards, caught the ball himself on six occasions, and rushed for 44 yards. Hertz completed 27 of 38 passing attempts, advancing for 304 yards and one touchdown. His three rushing touchdowns tied the Super Bowl record for most.

Kansas City trailed 14-24 into the first half. The field’s commander, Mahomes, injured his ankle in the first half after being tackled by an opposing player. It was an area that bothered him throughout the playoffs. Fans’ worries grew카지노사이트. However, Maholms, the ‘master of flipping’, came to life fully in the second half, completing 13 of 15 passes and scoring two touchdowns. In particular, at the end of the 4th quarter, when the score was 35-35, he advanced 26 yards to avoid the tackle of the opponent’s defense, laying the foundation for victory. Kansas City, who secured the distance to score a field goal with Mahomes’ rush, passed time, and kicker Harrison Buttker scored a field goal (3 points) 8 seconds before the end of the game. “We challenged and we needed each other to win,” Maholms said. Now I want to shout again. We are Super Bowl champions.”

In the sibling match between Jason Kelsey (36, Philadelphia) and Travis Kelsey (34, Kansas City), the younger brother laughed. Travis received 6 passes, recording the most receiving yards on the team (81 yards). He also scored a touchdown once. The brothers shared a warm hug after the match.

◇ Arizona enjoyed the festival

More than 200 million people around the world watched this Super Bowl broadcast. 50.4 million people participated in the Guess the Champions event, and the cumulative bet amount was $16 billion (approximately 20.43 trillion won), the highest ever.

Arizona, including State Farm Stadium, was swept up in Super Bowl fever. An official event held by the Super Bowl organizers was held at Margaret Hans Park in downtown Phoenix. Kansas City and Philadelphia fans, who filled a park the size of a soccer field, and Phoenix residents watched the game together on a large screen.

They arrived at the park three hours before the start of the game and were enjoying drinks and food. Many families brought mats and chairs to enjoy a picnic. When pop star Rihanna’s halftime show was broadcast, everyone danced and sang along to the cheering team. Rihanna, who sang a medley of her own hits while pregnant with her second child, expressed her satisfaction, saying she “was able to melt her 17-year career into 13 minutes.”

Kansas City fans stayed in the park for over an hour after the game to enjoy the afterglow of the victory. The park was filled with cheers from Kansas City and the Mahomes until late at night.