‘Blood in the rain’… Pohang, undefeated in 7 games

In professional football, Pohang, second in the league, continued their undefeated streak of 7 matches after the opening.

In-Sung Kim equalized in the rain to avoid defeat. 토스카지노

Seoul scored the first goal in the first two minutes in the rain.

Na Sang-ho’s right-footed free kick hit the Pohang goalkeeper’s hand and went into the goal.

Pohang counterattacked, and three minutes later, Kim In-seong shook the Seoul net, and offside was declared.

However, Kim In-seong opened the goal for Seoul in the 42nd minute.

He scored the equalizer with a right-footed flying kick and saved the team from defeat.

Pohang has kept its 2nd place in the league with an unbeaten streak of 7 matches.