British media “Valverde reveals that he has no regrets about assaulting Baena”…not even investigated by the association

Federico Valverde had no regrets.

Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ said on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time) that Valverde did not regret hitting Alex Baena. We will stick to our claim.”

As far as we know, Valverde assaulted Baena. The origin of the case is as follows. Real Madrid lost 1-2 in the 28th round of La Liga against Villarreal on the 9th. The problem arose after the game ended. The media reported, “After the match, Valverde went to the area where the Villarreal team bus was parked and confronted Baena and punched him. Baena was seen bruised and swollen cheekbones.”

Then why did Valverde use the assault? The media said, “The feud between the two should go back to the Copa del Rey in January. Sources say that Barena personally insulted Valverde. Baena told Valverde that rumors that his wife was having serious problems with pregnancy. It is known that he was referring to an unborn baby when he turned around.”

Spain’s Marca also covered the incident in detail. The media said, “In the Copa del Rey match, Baena kicked Valverde and said, ‘Your son will not be born, so cry now.’ I said no,” he explained.

Valverde said earlier this year that his wife was pregnant with their second child and almost miscarried. That Baena mocked this. Baena is said to have upset Valverde with a crying gesture during their Copa del Rey match.

First, Baena sued Valverde for assault. Villarreal said on the official website on the 10th, “Baena was assaulted on the way back to the bus after the match. Ballena chose to report the perpetrator to the police. We also reject it.”

A complaint is pending, but the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is not investigating the case. The media said, “It is worth noting that Valverde is not under investigation by the RFEF. The incident was not mentioned in the referee’s report.” 토토사이트

“It is time for the CSD, a government agency, to discuss this case through the Anti-Violence Committee. He could face a four-game suspension, but even if a decision is made, it will take a month or so, which means he can play in the Copa del Rey final on the 7th.”

Finally, the media said, “Also, CSD may self-punish Valverde. This could lead to a ban of 1 to 6 months. However, there is a possibility that neither result will materialize. The Spanish FA said that Valverde will not be punished. I think it will,” he said.