Brothers who left for Arizona… “I will win this year”

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 29th. Professional baseball KT pitcher Park Young-hyun was sweating profusely before he even started his departure procedure. This is because he had to move the team’s luggage in advance. Park Young-hyeon’s forehead and shirt were wet with sweat as he pulled a heavy cart back and forth from the luggage truck to the check-in desk several times.

The face of Park Young-hyun, who had been silently carrying his luggage, brightened when he heard the news of his older brother, Park Jung-hyun. Park Jung-hyun’s team, Hanwha, is also conducting this field training in Arizona, USA, and it happened to be on the same departure flight as KT. Park Young-hyun, who did not know this fact, hurriedly picked up the phone and said, “I didn’t know that my brother was going on the same plane.” 메이저사이트

The two of them continued to laugh at this ironic, awkward situation. It was because it was the first time I had an interview with my brother, even though I had received many questions about my siblings. In addition, Park Jung-hyun and Park Young-hyun spent off-seasons in Daejeon and Suwon, so we did not know where and what they were doing. When asked how he felt about flying on the same plane, Park Jung-hyun said, “I didn’t know you were going together.

In fact, the love between the two is very different from what it seems. Even if you don’t know each other’s schedule, you can find records and find the schedules for each team to meet. On May 7 last year, we also had a pleasant game. In the top of the 9th inning, when the Hanwha Eagles were leading 4-0, Park Young-hyeon took the mound and struck out Park Jeong-hyeon on a swing after four pitches. It was the 4th sibling match in the history of the KBO League, and the first case in which the younger brother won. On August 5, Park Jung-hyun hit Park Young-hyun. This was also the first time a batter had won a match between brothers.

Maybe that’s why? The moment the brothers are looking forward to is also this year’s head-to-head match. Park Young-hyun said, “My dad also told me that we will fight a lot this year, so the two of us fight. I think I’ll win a little more this year.” To this, Park Jeong-hyun replied, “I think I will hit more this year because I played last year.”

In order for the two’s rosy imagination to become a reality, first of all, it is to make each person’s best body condition in the field training. This is because we can meet right after the start of the regular season only when we complete the field training without getting hurt. When asked what he wanted to say to his younger brother, Park Jung-hyun said, “Never get sick, safety comes first, so I think it’s best to come back without getting sick.” Park Young-hyun, who was shy, also laughed, saying, “It’s the beginning of this year, so it’s my top priority to not get hurt, and I’ll go and prepare well and show you both good looks this year.”