Can Hanwha’s bat be punished and prevent the recurrence of Kim Seo-hyun’s case?

Hanwha Eagles ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Seo-hyeon (19) was disciplined by the club. It became a problem when he posted an article on social media that badmouthed coaches and fans.

On the 8th, Hanwha said, “Kim Seo-hyun posted an inappropriate article on social media that disrespects fans.”

Kim Seo-hyun is known to have used his social media account to gossip about his coach’s guidance and fan public opinion, mixing harsh expressions.

Controversy spread around the Internet community, and the club confirmed and investigated the facts. Seohyun Kim admitted to writing her own.

Head coach Carlos Subero (51) said, “I decided to take a disciplinary action through communication with the front desk in the hope that young Kim Seo-hyun would learn and realize something through this mistake.”

In the future, the club plans to impose fines according to the bylaws.

Kim Seo-hyun wore the Hanwha uniform with the first overall pick in the rookie draft last year. He drew attention as a special rookie who threw a fast ball with a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

However, this incident took a huge hit on his image.

It is unknown how 메이저놀이터many fines will be imposed, but it is true that Hanwha’s movements so far feel like punishment with a cotton bat. It is pointed out that there should have been more severe punishment.

Since Kim Seo-hyun is a rookie player who has just become an adult, it may have been difficult for him to come out strong. However, because of that, he needs to listen to the voice that he needed stronger discipline.

The situation has already happened, and it remains only for him to deal with it. The biggest path to probation is to prevent recurrence. This should never happen again.

What Kim Seohyun did could be a simple mistake. However, it seems difficult for him to abandon the image that he basically lacked character education.

The argument that Kim Seo-hyun should be punished with a more severe punishment this time is getting more convincing.

Kim Seo-hyun is no different from a freshman who has just stepped into society. But it shouldn’t be an indulgence.

Punishment alone is not the best. It can be said that more thorough mental education is needed in the future. If you think that missing a few days of training and costing money will easily make a difference, you are very mistaken.

It is necessary for the club’s response that Kim Seo-hyun can definitely change.

This is Hanwha’s biggest asset, Kim Seo-hyun. Therefore, it is necessary to educate and teach more thoroughly. Before your head and heart harden, you must solve the problem and move on.

Once may be a mistake, but twice is not easily forgiven. It’s time for Hanwha to wrap its head around preventing the recurrence of Kim Seo-hyun’s incident.