Catch Australia and go beyond Japan!… The 10th match is also a variable

To pass the first round of the WBC in six years, Lee Kang-cheol must beat his opponent Australia in the first round.

We need to achieve good results in the match against our archrival Japan, but the changed match-up system is expected to be a variable.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.

The WBC national team expressed their determination to “play as many matches as possible.”

In order to know Australia, the first opponent that must win, coach Lee Kang-cheol visited Australia and completed a ‘microscopic analysis’.

[Lee Kang-chul / WBC national team coach: We know that the Australian national team coach tends to not be that kind of a bunt style. Since we have also selected many pitchers who can throw well at breaking pitches, I think Yang Eui-ji will know that and run it well.]

The national team plays against Australia at the Tokyo Dome on March 9, and the next day they meet their archrival Japan. 온라인바카라

In Japan, ultra-class pitchers such as Shohei Ohtani and Darvish, as well as Rocky Sasaki, who recorded the youngest perfect game, will be mobilized.

[Lee Kang-cheol / WBC national team coach: Japan has a very good pitching ability, so they can hit well, but they have to play well with Yang Eui-ji. It’s such a strong team, so if we do well, it will be a great match and a fun match.]

The changed match-up is also a variable.

Originally, it started from the 11th episode, but starting from the 10th episode of this tournament, the match will begin immediately.

The position of the runners was also changed from 1st and 2nd base to 2nd base.

The Keystone duo, Kim Ha-seong and Edmon’s role is more important than anything else.

[Lee Kang-cheol / WBC national team coach: There is a difference between 1st and 2nd base and no 2nd base when it comes to bunt defense, so I am preparing for it while talking with the defense coach.]

Our national team must be in the top 2 among the 5 countries in Group B. You can only go up to the quarterfinals.

The challenge of the national team, which seeks to restore honor after the shock of being knocked out in the first round of the WBC two times in a row and not winning a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, begins now.