‘Challenge one player’ The setter war to be unfolded in the men’s championship

A three-out-of-five championship match will be held to determine the strongest player in the professional volleyball men’s division. Korean Air, who ranked first in the regular league, and Hyundai Capital, who ranked second, clash.

The two teams will play the first leg of the 2022-2023 Dodram V-League men’s championship match at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the 30th. We met again in the championship match after 4 years since the 2018-2019 season.

Korean Air took first place in the regular league with 26 wins, 10 losses and 76 points this season, and will go straight to the championship match to challenge for a combined championship for the third consecutive year. After finishing the regular league, he took 11 days of sufficient rest to conserve his stamina.

Hyundai Capital, which stayed at the bottom last season, rose to second place in the regular league this season and emerged as the protagonist of the storm. He went straight to the playoff (PO) in a best-of-3 match and won a ticket to the championship match after a bloody battle that continued until the 3rd game with KEPCO. Although they are inferior to Korean Air in terms of physical strength, they are one step ahead in terms of game sense.

Hyundai Capital faced bad news ahead of the postseason when Jeon Kwang-in (32), the main shooter, left due to an ankle injury. Jeon Kwang-in performed excellently in both offense and defense this season, ranking 12th in points (406 points), 4th in receiving (40.03%), 6th in dig (1.828 per set) and 3rd overall in defense (4.246 per set). From the perspective of Hyundai Capital, the departure of Jeon Kwang-in, who played an active role as an ace, is bound to be painful.

Accordingly, in the firepower battle, it seems that Korean Air, with Lincoln and Jeong Ji-seok twin cannons, will prevail. This season, Lincoln ranked 6th in scoring (599 points), 1st in overall offense (55.09%), and 2nd in serve (0.584 per set), while Jung Ji-seok ranked 10th in scoring (507 points) and 4th in overall offense (53.79). %), 6th in serve (0.282 per set), etc.

However, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong, who is called a strategist, could turn the game around. The veteran Moon Seong-min (37) card, which Coach Choi brought out as a substitute for Jeon Kwang-in in the first PO match, was a hit. In the PO game 3, it was fun with Kim Myeong-gwan (26), a backup setter who was good at serving and blocking. The unexpected player recruitment was successful and achieved the splendid feat of advancing to the championship match.  안전놀이터

In this championship match, attention is focused on the field commander who will face off against top-class setter Han Seon-seon (38, Korean Air). Kim Myung-gwan, who left a deep impression in the PO game 3 by scoring 8 points including 1 serve and 5 blocking points, is waiting for a sortie. Kim Myung-gwan expressed his confidence, saying, “(Player Han) is the best setter in Korea, so I will learn what I can learn and take what I can take away.”

Rookie setter Lee Hyeon-seung (22), who has established himself as a main player since his debut season, is also likely to start. In response, coach Choi said, “Originally, for the convenience of the players (whether or not to participate), a notice is given a day in advance, but in the postseason, that is not the case.” .

Volleyball is a sport in which the role of the setter is so important that it is called ‘setter play’. No matter how good a striker is, if the setter doesn’t give him a good ball, he won’t be able to show his ability. It remains to be seen who will be the setter who will lead the championship in this championship match.