Coach Lee Man-soo, “The 1st Southeast Asia Championships will make a historic event

 Chairman of the Hulk Foundation and former coach Lee Man-soo have revealed a special feeling ahead of the Southeast Asian Baseball Championship.

From the 24th, the ‘1st DGB Cup Dream League (Southeast Asian Baseball Championship)’ will be held in Laos. It’s like an official competition that will be held in 10 years since coach Lee Man-soo went to Laos for a baseball mission. It is also the first baseball national competition in Southeast Asia. The fact that the Asian Championships were held in the Philippines has now become an old story, like a ‘legendary hometown’.

Coach Lee Man-soo said, “A total of 4 countries will participate including Laos, the host country, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. As the games are played from the 24th to the 26th, the 1st to 4th places will be decided, and the top 2 teams will be the finalists. The finals will be held,” he said, explaining the outline of the competition. The rapid progress of the competition in a short period of time was also the result of practical problems such as local circumstances, reasons for not being able to stay for a long time, and cost.

Despite these difficulties, the four countries readily expressed their intention to participate. Among them, Vietnam and Laos are the places 안전놀이터where coach Lee Man-soo chose as a baseball missionary after leaving the professional baseball scene.

Director Lee Man-soo said, “As all the schedules came out, the past hours passed like a panorama. During a long time that was not short by any means, there were many difficulties and adversities, but I was able to come this far without giving up in the middle. This was possible because of the hard work and dedication of countless people. Looking back on the past, everything feels new,” he said without hiding his joy.

Also, coach Lee Man-soo, who received a lot of honor and popularity from fans while playing professional baseball. In response, manager Lee Man-soo made it clear that he would spend the rest of his life with a baseball map, ‘what he does best and can convey well to the world’.

Coach Lee Man-soo, who moved to Laos right after stepping down from the SK Wyverns (current SSG Landers) coaching position, said, “I had a dream while spreading baseball in Laos with local CEO Jane In-nae. There is a story we shared about holding a Southeast Asian baseball tournament that encompasses China. The story at that time, which I thought would only be a dream, has finally become a reality,” he said, liking it like a child.

The official competition was able to be held like this because even in difficult circumstances, I did not abandon my dream about the ‘Southeast Asian Baseball Competition to happen in Laos’. Director Lee always says, “He knows that if he doesn’t give up on his dream, that dream will come true, so he worked hard throughout Korea and abroad.”

The Southeast Asian Baseball Championship, which has just taken its first steps, is also the first international competition recognized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). Therefore, it is also the wish of coach Lee Man-soo that this tournament will remain as a long history and lead to a tradition.

Coach Lee Man-soo will reside in Laos throughout the tournament to encourage and support the team.