Colleague Kim Min-jae, who had no reports of transfer, did not have any documents

▲ Hvica Kvarachelia, who is considered one of Napoli’s aces along with Kim Min-jae
▲ Stock price rises in half a season Kvarachelia, love calls from big hands in the Premier League
▲ Despite rumors of a transfer, the agent rumored that he had not received a single document Wife

[] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “I didn’t have a document on my desk, what kind of transfer is it?”

A representative for Napoli wing Hvica Kvarachelia has dismissed recent transfer rumors. It was simple. He said neither he nor Napoli had received any documents regarding the transfer.

Kvarachelia is the heir to Napoli living legend Lorenzo Insigne. Insigne was considered Napoli’s best attacking resource since Diego Maradona. Above all, this player. He is from the Napoli youth team. He is the so-called local boy. That’s why the support of the fans was considerable. He, of course, although he is currently in the MLS.

After half a season, Kvarachelia erased Insigne’s name from Napoli’s home ground. Similar to the ‘iron pillar’ Kim Min-jae, who completely filled the void left by Kalidou Koulibaly who left for Chelsea.

Kvarachelia, who was also famous as a colleague of Hwang In-beom during Rubin’s Kazan days. This player was born in 2001. It’s a prime age. He is still 21 years old. His big league experience is also small. I just played half a season with Napoli. 바카라사이트

Nevertheless, he performed like Altoran in Serie A as well as in the UEFA Champions League. Stats are good too. In the last game against Juventus, he scored 1 goal and 2 assists, leading Napoli to a 5-1 victory.

Naturally, the love call of the big hands continues. The agent dismissed the rumor, saying that there was no document.

On the 19th (local time), Mamuka Jugelli, famous as an agent for Kvarachelia, told this media ( ‘Global’, “There are no documents (related to the transfer) on my desk. They will not be in the Naples office either. We You have to think only about the present moment,” he dismissed the transfer rumors.

In the case of Kvarachelia, he has been linked with Premier League clubs. An example of this is Manchester City.

However, according to the agent, there was no formal offer. Even if an offer comes, it is not easy. Kvarachelia’s contract with Napoli runs until the summer of 2027. The probability that Napoli, which has challenged the league championship for the first time since the generation of Maradona, sells an ace is also very small.

On the other hand, Napoli, which filled all the key gaps in defense and offense with the recruitment of Kim Min-jae and Kvarachelia, recorded 47 points with 15 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. The defending champion and league runner-up AC Milan are running at the top of the league by 9 points. He also won a great victory against Juventus, which was a critical moment, and is aiming for the top of Serie A after 33 years.