‘Comedian’ Yoon Hyung-bin announces return to MMA after 9 years, wins 4-0 against Korea… Park Hyung-geun, Kim Jae-hoon also win

Road FC fighters, including Yoon Hyung-bin “The Comedian,” ended their trip to Japan with victories.

Korean fighters competing in Breaking Down 8 at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall in Japan on Nov. 21 rang in the victory column. The event, hosted by Japanese martial arts superstar Mikuru Asakura on YouTube, attracted attention for its clash of Korean and Japanese fighters.

Comedian Yoon Hyung-bin, who made his comeback fight after a nine-year hiatus, as well as “Physical 100” cast member Park Hyung-geun and “Yakuza” Kim Jae-hoon competed. Yoon faced Van Nakamura, Park Hyung-geun faced Jolly, and Kim Jae-hoon faced Nokon Terada. Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong was on hand to cheer them on.

The fighters met with Jung before the match and were confident of victory. Kim Jae-hoon said, “I’ll show you 104 consecutive strikes (double his 52),” while Park Hyung-geun said, “I’m the one who can choose how to end it (so I’ll win unconditionally).”먹튀검증

The confidence translated into victory. Yoon won the match 4-0 on points. Considering that the match lasted only one minute, he tried to land one attack after another on his opponent from the very beginning. Park Hyung-geun and Kim Jae-hoon also won their bouts by unleashing a barrage of punches on their opponents.

In a cage interview after the victory, Park said, “Let’s combine the strongest elite members of Breaking Down with Raijin players and fight at Road FC at the end of the year. It’s been a long time since I’ve come to Japan to fight, and the Japanese fans are so grateful and kind. We will come back with a great game,” she said, referring back to the upcoming match between Road FC and Japan’s largest organization, Raijin FF. Mikuru Asakura was the first to share her thoughts on the upcoming match between Road FC and Breaking Down + Raijin FF.

For more information on the Road FC fighters’ trip to Japan, check out Chairman Jung’s YouTube channel, Gaohyeong Life.