[Commentary on Baduk with Samsung Fire & Marine Plant AI] Anti-lost game again

Baduk is a game of mistakes. Ichiriki, who was doing well, lost 7 points in the bottom due to an empty illusion. He suffered damages of over 20 houses. He cut off with black ▲ in anger, and this was a critical moment for Choi Jeong 9th dan. He was thrilled with the comeback and compromised with 1 and 3 on the back. He secured the ear and allowed the breadwinner. It was seen that it was superior enough to this extent without even trying to calculate it메이저놀이터. But this was a major mistake. Baek missed the opportunity to finish the plate. what was the bestThe number of saves with 100 was the best and strongest. Black is about to catch one point with 2 and 4, but if white hits 5, A and B are likely to match. Park Young-hoon, 9th dan, says, “If this was the case, black should have thrown it.” Choi Jeong-eun believed that Go was over anyway, so he easily compromised, but the moment he was beaten, the game of Go became 5-5 again. Although both sides exchanged big mistakes, the game of Go is heading toward the end with tension again. The right-hand side white hemp is blocked by 6 and is alive. (Black A with White B, Black C with White D) Blocking with 11, 5 White points in this area fell into Black’s hands. Around the 30th house. It’s the effect of beating bread.