Danjuma comes, heel goes out… A new wind of change in the offense

 A new wind of change blows in Tottenham Hotspur’s strike team. Arnaud Danjuma (25), who played for Villarreal (Spain), joins the new team, and Brian Hill (21) leaves for Seville (Spain). All transfers are carried out on a ‘lease’ basis.

On the 25th (Korean time), this media (Goal.com)’Spanish Edition’ said, “Tottenham will approve the departure of Hill once the signing of Danzuma is completed.” reported the news.

Tottenham is experiencing ups and downs in the frustrating attack power after the season resumed with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar over. The reason is that since last month, a number of strikers have been out of the line due to injuries, and Son Heung-min (30), who was the top scorer (23 goals) in the English Premier League (EPL) last season, has been silent in many games.

In fact, he only scored 10 goals in 7 matches in all competitions. They are feeling stuffy enough to score less than two goals per game. It is too dependent on Harry Kane (29) to the point that half of the 10 goals are concentrated. Therefore, it was essential to reinforce the offensive line during the transfer market this winter. 토토사이트

Initially, Tottenham showed interest in the ‘first choice’ candidate Leandro Trosar (28). However, he was pushed back in the scouting match with Arsenal (England), a ‘northern London rival’. In the end, in a situation where fans’ dissatisfaction was growing, it was decided to hire Danjuma to put out the urgent fire.

Previously, reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market, said on social media, “Tottenham is hiring Danzuma on loan. The hijacking was successful.” ” said the news. An official announcement is expected to be made as early as Friday.

Naturally, the eyes turned to Hill. He had a hard time throughout this season, being excluded from coach Antonio Conte’s (53, Italy) plan, and being unable to survive among his rivals, keeping only the bench. Since the end of last month, the main strikers have been injured and have been given opportunities to play, but with the recent return of Dejan Kulusevski (22) and Richarlison (25), they were pushed back to the bench.

Hill has made up his mind to leave before the winter transfer window closes. However, at Conte’s request, a ‘prerequisite’ was followed that the transfer could only be done when new attacking resources joined, but with Danzuma’s arrival, the possibility of him leaving opened up. His current favorite destination is Seville.