Daughters who turned into cheerleaders, Dad, cheer up’…A 38-year-old foreigner who has to save a team standing on the edge of a cliff

There is no place to retreat anymore. Hyundai Capital now gives away the championship even once if it loses.

Hyundai Capital, which has many veterans, has hit its limits physically. However, they are experienced players who know how to overcome crises. I am determined not to give up easily.

In the second game of the championship match, the sluggishness of foreign player Oreol Kameho (six points) was painful. In the V-League, the proportion of foreign players is absolute. It is not an exaggeration to say that victory or defeat is determined by their performance. 안전놀이터

Oreol is already 38 years old in Korean age. The recent performance has been inconsistent due to the forced march that has continued since the playoffs. It’s not as explosive as before, but it’s a more experienced player and a high contribution to the team across the air and defense. He plays as an outsider hitter rather than an apogee that is usually played by foreign players, and allows him to broaden his tactics by showing offense and stable receiving. He sometimes even plays as a middle blocker, and he has proven why he has been recognized as an ‘all-weather striker’.

In order for Hyundai Capital to fight back, Oreol must eventually solve the problem. There is no player who can replace Oreol, who has an absolute weight in the team.

No matter how much mental strength is emphasized, the body does not follow when strength is exerted. But ‘family power’ is different. It is the beloved daughters who give great strength to Oreol, who is currently struggling and tired. Oreoll’s two daughters always visit the stadium to cheer on their father. In the postseason, he climbs onto the podium and leads the cheering with the cheerleaders.

O’Reol smiles and cheers up at her daughters on the cheer podium as she walks to the back of the line to put in her serve. She doesn’t make particularly loud gestures, but speaks with facial expressions.

Oreoll was the best foreigner who led Hyundai Capital to win in the 2015-2016 season with coach Choi Tae-woong. Returning to the V-League after 7 seasons, he is determined to exert his last fighting spirit to recreate his past glory. And by his side are his beloved daughters who always shout ‘Dad, I love you’.