Declaration of Pittsburgh owner who signed a $100 million contract “Now is the start”

“First, we are not done yet. Second, we have only just begun.”

Bob Nutting, owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, announced a change in direction.

On the 27th (Korean time), Nutting spoke about his future direction at a meeting with reporters after a press conference to announce the Brian Reynolds contract, which was held at PNC Park, his home stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

The contract on this day gave Reynolds, the team’s main outfielder, an eight-year, $106.75 million contract, and announced that he would continue to invest in the club, saying, “This club is the most important to me.”

Pittsburgh has not made the postseason once since becoming a wild card in 2015. The team’s key players left one by one and went through a long dark period. In the past two years, he has recorded 100 losses in a row. The extension of the contract with Reynolds is also a signal that it is time to get out of the rebuilding tunnel.

“We also had successful times,” Nutting said. It’s been 10 years already. I think it’s time to go back,” he said, raising his voice, saying that it was time to relive the glorious period when he went to the postseason for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015.

He continued, “The past few years have been difficult, but we are showing progress now. We are looking forward to the direction we are heading,” he said, leaving a positive outlook.

Regarding the throes of negotiations, such as Reynolds once requesting a trade, “His long-term goal was to be part of this team. We responded to that desire,” he said, claiming that the player’s true intention was to be with the team. 안전놀이터

“Reynolds is a very good player, a good person. He is a player we can decide to be with for a long time.”

“We never gave up, and Brian never gave up. All along, I’ve been told that he must want to be on this team,” he said of the negotiation process. “We believe in Reynolds. I believe in what he has done, I believe in the play he plays, I believe in the choices he has made on and off the field. I know how hard he works to get better,” he said, revealing his trust in the player.

When asked if this contract could lead to contract extensions for other players, “We will continue to talk with players who believe we have everything we think. While this does not imply a contractual agreement, the door is open. Of course, during the season, all the players want to focus on the season, so we will support it.”