‘Defending Champ’ KB spring basketball warning light… Mid-ranking Great Marriage Amidst Injury Variables

In women’s basketball, fierce competition is unfolding to advance to the playoffs.

Last year’s combined championship team, KB, is in danger of losing spring basketball due to Park Ji-soo’s departure, and the competition between the three teams to go to the championship match in a good position is fierce.

This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


KB, the winning 메이저사이트team of the regular league and championship match last season, is going through serious ups and downs.

‘Ace’ Park Ji-soo was unable to play due to panic disorder, and in the first 13 games, he only won 2 wins.

KB, which was increasing the number of wins after Park Ji-soo’s dramatic joining, faced a crisis on the 1st when Park Ji-soo injured his finger and left again.

A KB official revealed that Park Ji-soo is about to undergo surgery (8th) due to dislocated fingers and ligament damage, and it will take at least 4 weeks to recover, making it difficult to return during the season.

Currently, KB is in 5th place, 5 games behind the tied 3rd place teams.

With only 7 games left in the regular league, you have to catch virtually all the remaining games to get a ticket to the playoffs (PO), which are given up to 4th place.

The competition between the 2nd to 4th place teams trying to avoid a PO showdown with the leader Woori Bank is also fierce.

Shinhan Bank, where Sonia Kim is playing a big role, and Samsung Life Insurance, which has strong organizational skills, are closely chasing BNK, which was held up by Kim Han-byeol, Jinan, and Ssangpo.

In the case of Samsung Life Insurance, which placed second in the first half, lost key guard Lee Joo-yeon and former WNBA Smith to injury and suffered difficulties, but the young guns are very active and are considered a team that holds the key to the ranking competition. <Lee Hae -ran

/ Samsung Life Insurance Forward> “It will be a difficult game without my sisters, but I hope that the game will be played with a life-or-death plan, and I wish I could work harder without giving up.”

It is expected that the battle for ranking will continue.