Digging into the family of basketball players belonging to the Secondary League

Let’s get to know the families of basketball players belonging to the Secondhand Basketball League.

On the 4th, the 48th National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Tournament opened at three locations including the National Sports Center in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do. A total of 80 teams from 4 categories participated in this competition, which will be held for a total of 10 days until the 13th.

As the second tournament of the season kicked off, we looked at who the family members of basketball players were as leaders and players on the federation’s team.

First, we introduce the rich and the poor. What coaches Lee Young-joon (Masan High School), Park Hun-geun (Busan Jungang High School), and Hyung-soo Hyung-soo (Myongji High School) have in common is that their sons all follow in their footsteps on the same path. What’s even more interesting is that their sons (Lee Seo-jun, Park Jun-su, and Jeon Jae-hyun) are all eating rice in one pot in Yongsan. 3rd year Lee Seo-jun and 2nd year Jeon Jae-hyeon were nominated by KCC and SK, respectively. Jeon Jae-hyeon and his mate Park Jun-su also inherited his father’s DNA, boasting a height of nearly 2m.

In Jeju-do, there are fathers and sons between teachers and students. The head coach of Jeju Dong Middle School is coach Hyung-Jong Cho, and his son Cho Seong-Won (172cm, G) is currently leading the team as the eldest brother.

In addition, Oh Chae-hyeok (192cm, G, F), the 2nd generation of coach Oh Chung-yeol at Sunil Girls’ High School, entered Naksaeng High School this year. 메이저사이트

There is also a family that is a basketball tied between father and daughter or hats.

Han Joo-hee (167cm, G, F), the daughter of coach Han Kyu-hyun, who led Samseon Middle School to win the spring championship, is currently in her second year at Sunil Girls’ Middle School, and Gu Hee-mo (170cm, G), daughter of coach Gu Byeong-du of Seongnam Middle School, is a freshman at Bundang Business High School.

Coach Kwon Eun-jung’s son, who took command of Yeonam Middle School this season, is Lee Byung-yeop (183cm, G, F), a sophomore at Gyeongbok High School.

In addition, there are leaders who are married couples.

Following coach Choi Jong-hoon, who put Whimoon Middle School on the strong team, his wife, Park Seon-young, took over as the head of Samcheonpo Girls’ High School last year.