Director Shin Young-chul of Woori Card “Kim Ji-han is the keyword, it’s best not to use it”

Coach Shin Young-chul, who leads the men’s professional volleyball Woori Card, said that whether Kim Ji-han will participate and when to put in is an important keyword for today’s game.

Woori Card, 3rd in the regular league, will play the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Men’s Semi-Playoff (PO) against KEPCO in 4th place at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 22nd. It is an opportunity for Woori Card, who failed to advance to PO after being defeated by KEPCO in JunPO last season.

Coach Shin Yeong-chul made an irregular match by excluding starting outside hitter Kim Ji-han from the starting lineup and starting with Song Hee-chae, who has good defense. 토토사이트

Of course, Kim Ji-han does not rest at all. As it is a one-game match where everything ends when losing, we plan to put Kim Ji-han in the right place depending on the situation.

Director Shin Young-chul said, “The key point is how to take (Kim) Ji-han. When Riverman Agamez (registered name Agamez) goes to the rear, if the attack power is low, (Kim Ji-han) can be used as a double. Then Ji-han will take (Song) Hee-chae’s place.”

In short, it is a plan to use Kim Ji-han as a trump card to overcome it when there is a shortage during the game, which also means that it is best not to have a situation where Kim Ji-han enters.

Coach Shin Young-chul also raised his thumb, saying, “It’s the best if we can win without Kim Ji-han. I hope that happens.”

On the other hand, director Shin Young-chul picked ‘Bumsil’ as another keyword for victory on this day. He said, “If you look at the data, the number of errors decreased when the results were good.” It is important not to make mistakes in the rhythm,” he repeatedly emphasized.