Dongguk University coach Lee Ho-geun sighed at the uneasy finish, “Outside shooting is always homework”

Dongguk University overcame the fierce pursuit of the opponent at the end of the game and took the victory. 

Dongguk University won 66-59 in the match against Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF U-League held at Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 28th. 

Dongguk University coach Lee Ho-geun said, “The atmosphere is important. It seems that the players are impatient as they fall into a losing streak. The score gap widened and they had a hard time playing a seesaw game at the end. I hope that the rest of the game will be good and the players will have confidence with today’s game as an opportunity. “He gave his impression of victory. 

Dongguk University recorded 6 steals with strong pressure defense in the 1st quarter and turned it into an easy score, leading 28-6.

Coach Lee said, “During the midterm break, I put a lot of emphasis on defense. The defense wasn’t bad, but in the end, the offense didn’t score. From the next game, I think we’ll have a better game if the outside shot hits coolly. This part is always homework. “he said. 

Regarding Park Seung-jae, who made a big success with 22 points and 8 assists that day, coach Lee gave advice to his student, saying, “I have a lot of time to hold the ball, but I played my role well. did not forget  토스카지노

On this day, Dongguk University started a double post by introducing Lee Dae-kyun and Kim Myung-jin, both of whom are 200 cm tall. Regarding this, coach Lee pointed out, “Both players are tall, so I would like them to do a little more post-up. 

Finally, Coach Lee said, “The next game is against Hanyang University, and it is a very reckless team. All of our team’s players have to participate in rebounding. If we lose in the rebound fight, basketball will not work in the end. I will stress the rest of the time to the players and prepare.” promised