“Don’t stop running!” Gyeonggi-do Superintendent of Education Competition, heated from the first day

On the 19th, the 63rd anniversary of the 4.19 Revolution, the Gyeonggi-do Superintendent of Education Athletics Competition (the final selection match for Gyeonggi-do representatives of the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival) opened, and a fierce competition began for three days. On this day, the finals of 46 events were held, and representatives of Gyeonggi-do were selected to participate in the National Youth Sports Festival.

Among the 28 track event event finals, Deokjeong Middle School’s Jang Ji-hoo won the 400m men’s junior high school freshman with a time of 56 seconds and 49 seconds. In the second year, Bucheon Bugok Middle School Kim Si-hoo (54.05), and in the third year, Suseong Middle School Kim Hyun-woong (52.23) ranked first.

400m Women’s Junior High School 1st grade was Sanbon Middle School Shin Yoo-hee (1:02:39), 2nd grade Shincheon Middle School’s Lee Soo-bin (59:79), 3rd grade Heungjin Middle School’s Gong Ji-min (1:03:42) was also selected as the provincial representative. . 800m Women’s Middle School 1st year Gong Hyo-bin (2:32:81) from Sorae Middle School, Gapyeong Middle School’s Jeong-ah Kim (2:36:81), 3rd year Yongin Middle School Kim Bo-mi (2:25:09) each won gold medals. .

Naksaengcho Kim Dong-ha (13:62) in the 100m male elementary school 5th grader, and Han Min-seo (14:20) in Yongin Seongsancho (14:20) in the female elementary school 5th grade each ranked first. Seol Ji-hwan (12:70) of Jipyeong Elementary School won the 100m men’s 6th grade, and Bang Eun-seo (13:51) of Gimpo Seo Elementary School (13:51) won the 6th grade of female elementary school. 80m Male Elementary School Senior Han Tae-Jun (11:79) and Female Elementary School Senior Jang Min-Seo (12:13) won the right to participate in the National Youth Sports Festival.

In the 100m men’s middle school freshman, Kim Min-hyeok (12:22) of Baekhyun Middle School, Kang Min-jun (11:57) of Siheung Middle School, second grader, and Jung Byung-jun (11:18) of Jeongok Middle School won the third grade. In the 100m female junior high school freshman Jeon Ye-won (13.67 seconds) of Munsan Sueok Middle School, second year gold medalist No Yun-seo (12.45 seconds) of Geumpa Middle School, and third grader Lee Ah-jeong (13.08 seconds) of Geumpa Middle School won the gold medal.

In the 100m women’s high school freshman and sophomore combined final, Gapyeong High School’s Kang Min-seong took first place with a record of 13.06. In the 100m men’s high school freshman game, Gimpo Jeil Technical High School’s Park Min-seong (11.73 seconds) won, and Pocheon Il High School’s Shim Jae-won (11.47 seconds) won the 2nd and 3rd year combined game, and was selected as the provincial representative. 먹튀검증

1500m Men’s Junior High School freshman Park Chang-hwan (4:49:83) from Gyeonggi Physical Education Middle School, Gwangmyeong Buk Middle School Baekseo Middle School (4:35:90) for sophomore, Kim Beom-seo (4:35:74) from Sorae Middle School won 1 each. recorded above. In the 1600m mixed relay race, Gyeonggi Physical Education Middle School (4:11:75) won the championship.

In addition, fierce competitions were held in 18 field events, including long jump, shot put, and high jump, which covered the rankings.

Lim Tae-hee, Superintendent of Education of Gyeonggi-do, said in an opening address that day, “I hope that all 1,200 athletes representing 25 education support offices will show off their honed skills to the fullest.” He continued, “I hope to show an unbreakable spirit of challenge and fair sportsmanship.”