ES Sports Sharing Elementary Team, Seoul Mayor’s Cup Winner

The ES Sports Sharing Elementary Team won the Seoul Mayor’s Cup trophy.

The ES Sports Sharing Elementary Team, led by general manager Cho Seong-hoon (independent basketball team + youth team), won the championship at the Seoul Mayor Cup Youth Basketball Championship on the 12th.

It was good from the start. In the first match of the qualifiers, they beat COOL 24-14, and in the second match of the qualifiers, they defeated The Shot 39-25.

ES Sports Sharing, which reached the semifinals, defeated Nowon SK 23-18 after a close match. In the final, they beat Seongbuk Samsung 26-14. They won by double-digit points in all matches except for the semifinals. The tournament’s goal and loss, Ma Ji-eun, was a whopping +10.25.

The best player also came from ES Sports Sharing. In the 6th grade of Gamjeong Elementary School, Lee Tae-rin, the owner of the school, became the best player in the tournament. 메이저놀이터

Lee Tae-rin, who was selected as the best player, said, “I would like to thank the officials of the tournament and the officials of the various teams who participated in the tournament for allowing me to play a wonderful game with great teams. And I would like to express my gratitude to general manager Cho Seong-hoon, who passionately guided us, and to our parents who supported us.”

Photos and materials provided = ES Sports Sharing Youth Basketball Team