Escaping losing streak Samsung Lions… 3 achievements of ‘Lee Seung-yeop’ against Doosan

The Samsung Lions, who were on a four-game losing streak,  won their first match against Doosan with starter Buchanan’s strong pitching, Koo Ja-wook’s final home run, and left-hander Lee Seung-hyeon’s save  . Doosan and Samsung held their first confrontation at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, where 9,213 spectators, more than usual on weekdays, gathered. In the first leg of the season against the Doosan Bears on the evening of the 26th, which attracted  attention as coach Lee Seung-yeop’s first away game in Daegu,  the Samsung Lions  won 1-0, thanks to Ja-wook Koo’s home run at the end of the 4th inning that broke the tight zero balance.  . On the mound, Buchanan  won his second victory of the season with 6 scoreless innings, and  Lee Seung-hyun’s good fight, who made his first save against 4 batters at the end of the game,  was also dazzling. Samsung succeeded in escaping from a difficult four-game losing streak in front of twice as many spectators as usual during weekday games, achieving the first goal of reversing the mood. Key hitter Ja-wook Koo, who leads the team’s line-up, hit his second home run of the season, breaking the tight balance of 0 and winning at the same time as the second achievement of the first game against Doosan. Ja-wook Koo led his team to victory with a home run over the right fence with Lee Seung-yeop’s mural painted in front of Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, the franchise star of the team ahead of him.

Starter Buchanan’s good fight also added to the team’s expectations for the team’s future, foreshadowing the revival of the starting lineup, and Samsung, who was worried about the back door, kept the lead gradually even in the crisis of left-hander Lee Seung-hyun, so Samsung achieved more than one win. There is also an evaluation that has been achieved.

Ahead of the first confrontation amid much interest, coach Lee Seung-yeop expressed his determination to focus on Doosan’s victory, saying, ‘I will adapt to Doosan and distinguish between public and private affairs’ rather than the burden of the Daegu game, but gave up the first confrontation. 먹튀검증

As the first of three matches, Tuesday’s game, was canceled due to rain, the two teams, ahead of the second game of the season on Thursday, will face off in Daegu on the evening of the 27th, with Samsung’s Jang Pil-joon and Doosan’s Kim Dong-ju as starters.