Following her mother and older sister, Yeon Hyun-joong walking on the path of a volleyball player, Lee San “I am the most confident in attacking”

“I think I am the best at attacking among the three.”

If you look at the volleyball world, there are many families that play volleyball with their parents and their children. While the second-generation volleyball players are showing their skills one by one, there is a player who shows high potential despite being a middle school student.

Yeonhyeonjung Lee San boasts a tall height of 195cm despite being in the third year of middle school this year. Since his junior year, he has been a team starter and won several championships for the team.

Lee San, who is active as an ace, boasts a tall height among middle school players and boasts his presence in the center. Lee San’s activities do not stop at the vanguard. He showed a strong side in his attack, even attacking from the back with a back attack.

Considering his age, the potential for not only his height but also his ability to grow is limitless. Lee San, whom I first met with <The Spike>, said, “Hello, I am Lee San, and I am attending Yeonhyeon Middle School. His position is a middle blocker,” he said shyly.

His height and excellent volleyball skills were all inherited through his genes. His mother is Hong Ji-yeon, a middle blocker who led the heyday of Honam Oil Refining in the 1990s, and his older sister is Lee Ye-dam, who is active in Korea Expressway Corporation.

Following his mother and older sister, he is a volleyball family member who is also active as a volleyball player. Also, as everyone is in the same position, there are many things we can talk about. Lee San said, “I talk a lot about volleyball with my family, but I ask a lot because I played volleyball the shortest. We often talk about situations that happen during volleyball games.”

I get stimulated by seeing my older sister who is currently on the professional stage and my mother who was calm in the past. Lee San said, “I learned how well her mother was a player through the video. And she gets as much메이저사이트 stimulation as her older sister is now going pro. I also want to quickly go to a better stage and play volleyball.”

He also had what he was best at. Lee San, who showed confidence, saying, “I am the best at attacking,” said, “My mother and older sister must have never hit a lot of back attacks and left attacks. I am confident in attack as much as I attack with left and back attacks in central defense.”

He picked Shin Young-seok of Korea Electric Power Corporation as his role model. In addition, “he is tall, but his basic skills are not inferior. He is a player who is good in many areas, not just offense,” he explained his strengths.

Finally, he also expressed his determination. Lee San said, “No matter where I go on stage, I always want to show my skills calmly with good performances and become a long-lasting player.”