Forgotten overall No. 1 Park Joon-young, there is something more important than bulking up

There is something more important than bulking up to Park Joon-young, the forgotten overall number one.

Park Joon-young is a promising prospect who was nominated as the first overall pick in the 2018 KBL rookie draft. He overtook Byun Jun-hyung and was proudly treated as the best rookie, but he has not blossomed yet. That’s why he is currently sweating in business.

Park Joon-young’s 2022 KBL D-League performance is 18.6 points, 13.0 rebounds and 2.4 assists for an average of 32 minutes and 22 seconds in 5 games. His presence is significant in the D-League, where only domestic players, especially Sangmu, participate. Even during his college days, he was at the highest level in terms of scoring and rebounding, so he is playing an active role without much difficulty.

Such Park Joon-young is currently focusing on bulking up his body rather than during his professional days. He is definitely showing a bigger physique than Suwon kt days.

I have one question. It remains to be seen whether Park Joon-young, who has bulked up, will be able to show the current performance even after returning to kt. It is difficult to say that Park Joon-young, who has only grown in physique, is highly valued on the first-team stage full of foreign players and domestic big men with superior experience and skills.

KT coach Kim Do-soo, who watched Park Joon-young’s D-League match, saw that other areas other than bulking up should be improved. Rather than his physique, it’s that he needs to make up for improving his skills, especially his shooting ability.

Coach Kim said, “(Park) Jun-young is a good BQ player. This is the reason why he received a good evaluation despite his poor physical condition compared to his position.” If Junyoung is as tall as him, he should be able to throw a 3-point shot freely. He thinks that’s his competitive edge,” he said.

If so, did Park Joon-young’s 3-point shooting ability improve in Sangmu? Not at all. Midrange jumpers are still fairly accurate, but their 3-pointers are only making 0.4 per game. The success rate is also shabby at 16.7%. 메이저사이트

To the extent that he attempts 2.4 3-pointers per game, Park Jun-young also seems to feel the need to supplement shooting. However, his success rate is too low. He has to raise it to at least the early and mid-30% range to become a weapon that can be used even in the first team stage under greater pressure.

Coach Kim said, “What Joon-yeong needs to improve in Sangmu is shooting. Our team has great players like (Ha) Yoongi and (Lee) Doowon. It is unlikely that Joon-yeong plays as number 4 or 5 from an offensive or defensive perspective,” he said. “That is why it is important to have shooting skills.”

Of course, it is difficult for Park Joon-young, who has been playing 4th and 5th throughout his playing days, to suddenly be equipped with a 3-point shot, and to successfully switch positions. It’s hard to compare the transition from guard to forward-center versus center to forward. The latter case is difficult.

However, what Park Joon-young must have in order to survive in the professional world is the 3-point shot. This is true even if you look at basketball around the world, not KBL. Even if you look at the United States, Europe, and nearby China, the majority of big men are equipped with 3-pointers. In an era where 3-point shooting is essential even for those with excellent physical conditions, it is not an option, but a matter of course, for big man Park Joon-young, who is 190cm tall and super-short, to have a 3-point shot. Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Dae-heon, who are of similar height, also possess the 3-point shot as a weapon.

Coach Kim said, “It is not easy to switch positions. However, players such as Oh Se-geun and Kim Jong-gyu were also equipped with 3-point shots. Junyoung should throw better than them,” he said. I will not know,” he said.

Park Joon-young’s discharge date is November 15, with about 10 months left. This time seems to have a big impact on determining the rest of his professional career. If he can only equip a 3-pointer for 10 months, he can suffice to erase the sadness of the forgotten overall first-choice rookie.