‘Free contract, is it possible, but is it really?’… Setter Cho Song-hwa loses contract cancellation lawsuit

 Cho Song-hwa (29), a former member of IBK Industrial Bank, who caused controversy for leaving the team without permission, lost in the first trial against the club.

On the 14th, the 14th division of the Civil Settlement of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Seo Bo-min) ruled against the plaintiff in the ‘suitsuit for invalidation of contract cancellation, etc.’ filed by Cho Song-hwa against IBK Industrial Bank and IBK Volleyball Team.

Previously, Cho Song-hwa caused controversy in November of last year by leaving his team’s accommodation twice after the regular league game ended. In the process, rumors of a disagreement with former coach Seo Nam-won were raised, and the manager was sacked. Among them, former coach Kim Sa-ni, who was known to have left the team with Cho Song-hwa at the time, became the acting manager and became a rumor. The team suffered from a change of command tower twice and foreign mercenaries were replaced midway.

In addition, Cho Song-hwa, who said at the time of his departure, “I want to quit playing,” reversed his stance after former manager Seo was sacked. IBK did not accept this and finally decided to terminate the player contract.

As the goal deepened, the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) reward and punishment committee was held, but with the opinions of both sides sharply divided, a decision was made to suspend disciplinary action.  메이저사이트

In the end, Cho Song-hwa was released as a free agent (FA) on December 13 of last year. It is known that Cho Song-hwa rebelled and submitted an application for provisional injunction to the court on the 24th of last month. 

In addition, Cho Song-hwa’s side insisted, “I went to the hospital with a trainer because I was not in good shape, but it was not an unauthorized departure.” 

However, the 50th division of the civil agreement of the same court (Senior Judge Song Gyeong-geun) also dismissed the application for provisional injunction in January of this year, and judged that Song-hwa Cho’s breach of contract was recognized. 

Cho Song-hwa, who is currently in free agency, is free to sign contracts with other clubs. However, judging from the current situation, it is not expected to be easy.