Glasses ace with a strong support group, “Now I have to go to fall baseball unconditionally”

 Lotte recruited Kang-Nam Yoo and Jin-Hyuk Noh from the FA market to reinforce their vulnerable positions of catcher and shortstop. Cha Woo-chan, Shin Jeong-rak, Kim Sang-soo, Yoon Myung-jun (Lee Sang-sang pitcher), Lee Jeong-hoon (catcher), and Ahn Kwon-soo (outfielder) who were released from other clubs were recruited one after another. 

‘Glasses Ace’ Park Se-woong (28) said, “Major players have left the team in recent years, but I think the team’s power has strengthened, such as reinforcing the center line during the offseason. It is a very welcome thing from the pitcher’s point of view.” I expressed my gratitude. 

Wearing the same uniform as Cha Woo-chan, whom he became friends with during the Tokyo Olympics, is nothing more than welcome.  카지노사이트

He said, “Among the national team pitcher seniors, I talked to Woochan hyung a lot, and it was a big help. Woochani hyung said, ‘The most important thing is how long a starting pitcher can endure on the mound. The most memorable thing is when he said, ‘I can become a good player.’ Woo Chan-yi hyung’s advice was an opportunity to take a step forward,” he expressed his gratitude. 

Park Se-woong also said, “There are so many things I can learn from Woo-chan. I think that being on the same team as Woo-chan will be of great help to me. So, I asked if there was anything I could be of help with, and he said thank you.”   

The desire to stand on the fall stage is always unchanged. “Now I have to go to fall baseball unconditionally. After 2017, I was unfortunately eliminated from the competition in the top 5, but now I want to play comfortably while waiting for other teams to come up from a high place without feeling frustrated,” he expressed his desire. 

When I told Park Se-woong, “I think I’ll have a long season,” he said, “No matter how long the season is, it’s good to go to the WBC, experience fall baseball, and participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Premier 12 national team. As long