Good picture, big picture

Scene ④ = Shin Jin-seo is a little closer to 100. funny number. Please pay attention to the fact that we stopped one step behind instead of approaching closely. Black extends to 2 and 3, receives 4 and 5, and the shape of the white is thick and firm. Up to this point, AI is also in the process of agreeing. Then, what is Black’s next move? A number that extends to A. Not only the AI, but even the pros who were watching pointed out A as the best. A is also the number to check the left side of white. Park Jeong-hwan, however, put it at 6. The opportunity to paint a good picture came to Baek.먹튀검증

◆AI’s choice = AI chooses to cut back 1. Breading of black 2 and 3. Black attacks with 4 and 5. 5’s attack breathing is cool. The AI ​​tells you to make the left side home with this attack. However, it might be possible to dig into black A. The AI ​​says you can back off with black A and white B.

◆ Practice progress = Shin Jin-seo’s choice was 100. When I live with black 2, I block it with 3 and 5. Thick but very thick. Shin Jin-seo chose ‘big picture’ instead of ‘good picture’. A very large picture encompassing the left and center. But the AI ​​says the picture is too big. They say it’s too big and dangerous.