Growing up in Internet Origins

Shin Jin-seo was born in March 2000. As the beginning of the new millennium, a new energy has sprung up in the baduk world. Lee Chang-ho, who received the 5th consecutive MVP, took a step back and thought of 17-year-old Lee Se-dol. ‘Guksu’, which is called the best Go player in Korea, was born in China, passed through the United States, and became attached to Ruinaiwei, who settled in Korea. Lee Chang-ho and Jo Hoon-hyun knelt in front of this woman. Internet Go companies opened their doors. The origin came from the computer at home. 메이저사이트

Shin Sang-yong ran a baduk class with his wife in Busan. His five-year-old son, who was taught to hold stones by his mother, couldn’t help but cry when his own stones were caught. After a year, Ai placed 3-4 ranks in Internet origins. There is no kindergarten section in the children’s competition, so he went to the 1st to 3rd grades of elementary school. Six-year-old Shin Jin-seo beat her older sister and older brothers to win.

After Shin Jin-seo bet on black 9, she quickly went in with 11. She <Picture 1> She has nothing wrong with leaving black 1, but when white 2 comes, time to occupy her ears is gone. The compensation day increased to 18 and 20, suppressing the attacking instinct. In <Figure 2>, the right side quickly becomes a battlefield.