Gyeonggi Provincial Office ‘5G’ in 4 years… Gangwon Provincial Office Wins Winter Games Curling Championship in 12 Years

 Women’s curling Gyeonggi Provincial Office ‘5G’ and men’s Gangwon Provincial Office rose to the top of the general curling division of the Winter Sports Festival.

Gyeonggi Provincial Office ‘5G’, consisting of coach Shin Dong-ho, skip Kim Eun-ji, third Kim Min-ji, second Kim Su-ji, lead Seol Ye-eun, and pips Seol Ye-ji, competed in the Gyeongbuk Curling Federation (Coach Lee Seul-bi) at the 104th Winter Sports Festival women’s final held at the Uijeongbu Curling Center in Gyeonggi-do on the 12th카지노사이트. , skip Kim Soo-hyun, third Jung Min-jae, second Ahn Jung-hyeon, lead Kang Min-hyo) by a score of 10-2, and a thrilling gold medal was hung around his neck. 

As a result, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office returned to the top position in women’s curling in 4 years after losing the 2018 99th Winter Sports Festival and the 2019 100th Winter Sports Festival in a row.  

In the final, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office took the lead in concentration.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office gave 1 point to Gyeongbuk, a backer in the 1st end, but scored 2 points in the 2nd end and 1 point in the 3rd end, widening the score to 3-1. However, Gyeongbuk General also added 1 point in the 4th end and caught up with 3-2.

In the 4th end, Gyeongbuk chased after 1 point and caught up with 3-2, but Gyeonggi Provincial Office added 1 point in the 5th end to end the first half with a 4-2 lead. 

The second half was a one-sided pace with the Gyeonggi Provincial Office repeating steals.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office stole 4 points in the 6th and 7th ends, effectively ending the game at 8-2, and then stealing 2 additional points in the 8th end to finish the game 10-2.

In the previous quarterfinals, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office won a complete victory over Gangneung City Hall’Team Kim’, who represented Gangwon-do, 10-4, followed by Seoul City Hall in the semifinals (Director Yang Jae-bong, Coach Ahn Jin-hee, skip Park Yu-bin, third Kim Ji-yoon, second Yang Seung-hee, and lead Lee Eun-chae) After a close match, they defeated 7-6 and advanced to the final.