Hole-in-one baptism of beer cans… ‘Golf festival’ louder than soccer

There are four major tournaments in men’s golf, but fans don’t think so. There is the Players Championship, which is called the ‘fifth major’, and above all, the Phoenix Open, which is the ‘fans’ major’.

The Phoenix Open, which has become the world’s most raucous golf tournament welcomed by drinking and loud singing, opened on the 10th (Korean time) at Arizona’s TPC Scottsdale (par 71). The open run, camped at the entrance of the venue from dawn and ran as soon as the door opened, was still fierce. This year’s tournament attracted attention by announcing that tickets for the second and third rounds were sold out during the first round match. It is the first time in the history of the 1991 tournament that the number of tickets is limited on Fridays and Saturdays메이저사이트, local time, which attracts the most spectators. The organizers said, “It is a decision to protect the quality of the tournament operation. We think the most important thing is the experience that fans get at the golf course.” It is also a measure to prepare for the worst traffic jam days,” he explained.

The total prize money for this tournament is 20 million dollars (approximately 25 billion won), of which the winning prize is 3.6 million dollars (approximately 4.5 billion won). Total prize money more than doubled. The fact that the Super Bowl, the final day of the tournament, will be held on the 13th, will be held in Glendale, Arizona, is also a factor in expectations for a box office hit. Sports fans flocked to Scottsdale to enjoy the Super Bowl after boosting their excitement at the Phoenix Open.

The 2018 contest was the hottest, with 719,179 galleries attending. There were 216,818 spectators in the third round at the time. Round 4 is the day of the Super Bowl, so crowds are dispersed. Starting in 2019, the organizers will not be counting spectators. It was a charitable event, and it was regrettable that more and more people seemed to focus on the number of spectators. Although there is no official count, it is an observation that the number of spectators will be at least 600,000 to 700,000 this year, just looking at the atmosphere on the first day.

The 16th hole (par 3) called ‘Colosseum’ is always popular. The four-story stand, which can accommodate 16,000 people, fills up in no time. The ‘QUIET’ sign of the host is just a ‘decoration’, and it is a place where louder cheers and booing than soccer and baseball fields intersect. Even a hole-in-one was dangerous as beer cans flew into the hole. Starting this year, all alcoholic beverages will be served in plastic cups. This green cup, engraved with the number 16 and the shape of the Colosseum, has emerged as a valuable keepsake among fans.

As the organizer of the competition is Waste Management (WM), the largest waste disposal company in the United States, the cups are of course recyclable. All of the waste generated from the competition is recycled for energy or fertilizer production.In the game, Nick Taylor and Adam Hadwin tied for the lead at 5 under par. Both are Canadian nationals. Zander Shopley (USA), who has participated in this tournament five times and has been in the top 20 each time and has been in the top 3 twice, is tied for third place at 4 under par. World No. 1 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) struggled with a 2-over par. “There was always a fairway bunker where the tee shot landed,” he explained. McIlroy used to participate in other continental tournaments on other tours around this time, but the PGA Tour designated compulsory tournaments from this season, and one of them was the Phoenix Open, so he had no choice but to participate. The score fell short of expectations, but McIlroy made a long hit of 366 yards with a stunt shot right under the tree and a driver shot that hit the green low and dropped short, drawing exclamation. Im Seong-jae finished with 1 under par, and Kim Joo-hyung, who played 12 holes, recorded even par.