How long has it been since you came back… Even though the parts are different, the chest is broken, and the 2nd year infielder who collapsed again, KIA ‘fretting’

 It has just passed a month since his return. But in bad luck, he collapsed again.

Attention is focusing on the condition of KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young (20), who collapsed after being hit in the left ankle by a ball he hit in the game against the NC Dinos in Changwon on the 25th. At the beginning of the ninth inning, with the team trailing 3-5, Kim Do-young, who stood at bat with no two runners, played a tenacious match with NC finisher Lee Yong-chan up to 8 pitches. However, the ball hit on the 8th pitch hit the inside of his left ankle, which was the stepping foot. Kim Do-young got out of the batter’s box and sat down, unable to stand up for a while.카지노사이트

The KIA trainer, who rushed out, checked the condition and gave a replacement sign to the dugout. Urgently, Byun Woo-hyeok was put in as a pinch hitter, and Kim Do-young headed to the dugout with the help of a trainer. The game ended as Woo-Hyuk Byun, who took over the at-bat, struck out on a missed swing. It was a fleeting moment when I couldn’t even afford to put on icing, let alone check the status.

On April 2, the second day after the opening, Kim Do-young suffered a fracture in the midfoot of his left foot while rushing home against Incheon SSG and was out for more than two months. At the time of the initial diagnosis, there was even a prospect that he might return in early August at the latest. However, after undergoing intensive treatment in Japan at the end of April, he recovered quickly and regained his senses at Challengers Field in Hampyeong, and was eventually called up to the first team on June 23, earlier than originally scheduled.

After recovering from the injury, Kim Do-young played a stable role in karate. He recorded hits in all six games he played in June following his return from injury. Even in July, he played the role of a reliable table setter with Wonjun Choi while maintaining a batting average of 30%. In the game against NC on the 25th, from the beginning of the first inning Choi Won-jun’s triple hit followed by Kim Do-young’s sacrifice fly made an ideal scene. However, he suffered an unexpected injury right before the end of the game.

Kim Do-young, who debuted as a pro last year with fancy modifiers such as ‘5-tool player’ and ‘Lee Jong-beom’s second coming’. He also had the honor of making his first Opening Day leadoff appearance in Tigers franchise history. However, he could not overcome his professional wall and spent a month with a batting average of 10%, eventually switching to a backup role. In this year’s spring camp, which started after off-season preparations, expectations were raised with a more developed batting and stable defense, and it performed well in the demonstration games and opening series. In the midst of this, he was injured and stopped. After his comeback, the scene where he collapsed due to another injury in the midst of raising his pace is so heartbreaking. He is a KIA who can only hope that it is not a major injury.