“I can’t hit the ball properly, it’s not time to worry about the hyungs” Lee Jung-hoo of the world… ‘Are you scared or worried?’

“I can’t even hit the ball properly. This is not the time to worry about your brothers.”

Kiwoom’s star, Lee Jung-hoo, the undisputed leadoff and center fielder for the national baseball team led by manager Lee Kang-chul. During off-season individual training in Seoul and LA, he completely revamped his batting form. To put it simply온라인카지노, he lowered his arms from ear to chest from a ready-to-hit stance, allowing him to react more quickly to a faster ball. In addition, he adjusted his slightly open stance to a square stance, keeping the outside strategy in mind.

One year before entering the major leagues, the intention is to change the batting mechanic in advance and adapt to this year. In fact, Lee Jung-hoo did not produce many cool hits during the national team’s Tucson field training. He got hits, but he didn’t like it himself.

Lee Jung-hoo said at Incheon International Airport on the 1st, “We need to quickly raise the sense of real combat.” He said, “I’m excited” about the Gocheok training, which he has been working on for a long time. “The weather wasn’t good in Arizona. It might be better to train in Gocheok.”

In fact, the national team is more concerned about the pitchers than the hitters. Most hitters have a lot of pace. However, these words do not comfort Lee Jung-hoo. “I can’t even hit the ball properly. You need to be able to hit it right quickly. Now is not the time to worry about (pitcher) hyungs.”

Is it true or is it gross? It should be considered to some extent true. It is true that the change in the hitting mechanic is too big. In a way, it is an adventure. Some said, “If it doesn’t work, you can go back to your original form.” But even in Tucson, there were secretly concerned officials.

However, considering Lee Jung-hoo’s ability to adjust, the prevailing view is that he will eventually adapt. It may be sluggish right now in the WBC, but from a large perspective, it is a move aimed at the 2024 season and beyond, so there is still plenty of time. Lee Jung-hoo is also working hard. He said, “I thought it would not fit because I had never done it before. Still, he has found the most comfortable form in Tucson. That is fortunate.”

Lee Jung-hoo’s new batting form will be tested in the first round at the WBC. This is why he has to go to Miami. He said, “To meet big league pitchers, you have to go to America. If you fall in the quarterfinals, you will not be able to hit the balls of American pitchers. He said, “I want to prepare well for the rest of the period to win against Australia and show a good performance against Japan and Korea.”

On the 10th, there was talk about the Japan War. Darvish Yu (San Diego Padres) is likely to start. Darvish’s colleague Kim Ha-seong said, “I will give our national team players as much information as possible.” Lee Jung-hoo said, “No matter which pitcher comes out, the game against Japan is not easy. I will prepare to win no matter which pitcher comes out.”