“I looked better than I did during the day”… Kim Kyung-min wins Korea’s only professional night golf tournament

Korea’s only professional golf tournament played at night, the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Champion Tour Moonlight Senior Open (total prize money: 100 million won), saw Kim Kyung-min (52) earn his first win of the season.

In the final round of the tournament on Thursday at the Sapphire-Ruby Course (Par 72) at Kalate CC in Gunwi-gun, Gyeongbuk, Kim shot a 3-under 69 with three birdies and no bogeys. His final total of 5-under par 139 gave him a one-stroke victory over Lee Young-ki (56).

The tournament was sponsored by sports lighting specialist Musco. The tournament, now in its third year, is a shotgun start with all players teeing off at the same time on golf courses equipped with Musco’s state-of-the-art LED lighting system. Notably, unlike previous editions of the tournament, which started after sunset, this year the start time was pushed back by one and a half hours to 5pm. This is so that players can experience both day and night play and get a real sense of the appeal of night golf under professional lighting.

There are still no lighting standards for night golf in Korea. By holding a professional tournament, Musco set a new standard for night golf tournaments by establishing illumination standards for golf courses (200 lux for teeing grounds, 150 lux for fairways, and 400 lux for greens) and a night tournament manual.

On the field, the differentiating technologies of sports-specific lighting were evident. Musco’s Total Light Control-TLC for LED™ system minimized unnecessary light leakage to increase efficiency and control glare for golfers; ball tracker technology gave players a clear view of the ball’s trajectory without glare; and light pollution design minimized the impact on the environment.메이저사이트

The players responded enthusiastically to the night golf tournament under professional lighting. The winner, Kim Kyung-min, said, “I could see the ball better than I could during the day. I thought it would be difficult to see the ball flying because of the nighttime nature, but thanks to the bright lighting, I was able to play smoothly.”

“With the state-of-the-art LED lighting installed at Gunwi Calate CC, professional golfers will be able to focus more on their play, blend in with the surrounding environment by minimizing light pollution, and viewers will be able to see a clearer picture on their TVs,” said Lee Daewoo, Country Manager of Musco Korea. “We hope to contribute to the development of domestic sports by continuing to supply LED lighting for various sports.”