“If you make a mistake here, there is no real skill or excuse”… 3 mistakes? nothing more to see

“If you make a mistake here (Tokyo Dome), it’s a real skill.”

These are the words of Kim Min-jae, the defensive coach of the Korean national baseball team. Coach Kim explains that in the infield of the Tokyo Dome, it is not so difficult to handle batted balls that it is difficult for infielders to deliberately make mistakes. At the Osaka Kyocera Dome, which was the site of the last mock test for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), infielders struggled to predict the bound and were in a hurry, but asserted that this would not happen at the Tokyo Dome.

South Korea will play its first game against Australia in Group B of the first round of the 2023 WBC at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 9th. While Korean coach Lee Kang-cheol promised to win the game against Australia, solid defense must be backed up for an easy win. Major league keystone combination Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) and Tommy Hyeon-soo Edman (St. Louis) will secure the center line, while third baseman Choi Jeong (SSG) and first baseman Park Byung-ho (kt) will fill in the rest of the infield.

South Korea lost 2-4 in the match against the Orix Buffaloes at the Kyocera Dome on the 6th. Shortstop Oh Ji-hwan (LG) and Kim Ha-seong made three mistakes, and the aftermath was great. I had a hard time playing the game while not having enough time to adapt to the field. Ha-seong Kim explained, “The spin of the batted ball comes out strangely. The speed comes quickly, the bounce is long, and the spin is also high.”

However, it seems that the nightmare of three mistakes will not be repeated in the Tokyo Dome infield. In the Tokyo Dome infield, only parts near the 1st, 2nd and 3rd base bases are covered with dirt, and the rest of the area is covered with artificial turf. It is a unique structure in which artificial turf is laid even on the soil pavement in general stadiums. 카지노사이트

Coach Kim said that’s why it’s so much easier to handle batted balls. Coach Kim is a person who boasted excellent defensive power to the extent that he was called ‘the famous shortstop’ during his playing days and even wore the Taegeuk mark.

Coach Kim said, “I am also an infielder, but (at Kyocera Dome) it was difficult because the bounce was so big that players couldn’t come in in an instant.”

Then, he calmly said, “If you make a mistake here (Tokyo Dome), it is your skill. There is no excuse. It is rather comfortable here to defend. did.

The players also share the same thoughts as Coach Kim. Kim Ha-seong said, “Tokyo Dome has a slightly softer ball and has a rebound, so it will be easier to defend.” showed confidence in

In a big game, one small mistake decides the outcome of the game and, furthermore, the fate of the tournament. Korea vowed to erase the nightmare of the evaluation game and completely erase concerns about defense in the final round.