“I’m not going to watch it for a minute” Nastaszczak rehabbing, but genuine in KIA win…234-homer juggernaut ‘exciting’

“Should I stop watching for a while…”

KIA’s Na Sung-beom (34) has been rehabbing his injured calf, doing upper body weight training, eating dinner, and watching KIA games. Despite not being able to play, his desire for a KIA victory was genuine.

Before the game against Gwangju Kiwoom on the 27th, Na Sung-bum said, “I came home around 5 o’clock after rehabbing every day. I watched the game every day while resting and eating dinner. Sometimes I watched until the end, but every time I didn’t watch, they were winning. At that time, I thought, ‘I should stop watching for a while,'” he said.메이저사이트

He said, “If I watched it, I couldn’t score (on a scoring chance), but it sounded funny, so I purposely didn’t watch it.” Although he laughed softly, Na sincerely cheered for KIA. He must have felt sorry that he couldn’t contribute to the team.

The calf injury was not taken lightly. “On the first day of practice after moving from Osaka to Tokyo, I felt something like muscle soreness during practice. I ran after stretching it and thought it was fine, but the load kept getting heavier and heavier. I was fine when I played against Australia, I didn’t play against Japan, and then I came up as a pinch-hitter against the Czech Republic. I hit a grounder to shortstop and started at first base, and that was the biggest thing.”

This was the longest he’d been out of action since injuring his ACL in the NC. “I didn’t expect it to last that long,” says Na, “and my mentality almost broke down because it didn’t heal quickly, and I was just thinking about getting it back and coming back as soon as possible, but I kept working on other parts of my body. I prepared myself to recover and jump right into other technical training at the same time.”

He is still not fully fit. In four games, he went 4-for-14 with a .286 batting average, one home run, one RBI, three runs scored, and an OPS of 1.018. It’s still too early to tell because of the small sample size. “I’m not 100 percent,” Na said. I feel like I’m just hitting the ball. I’m batting with the idea that I need to survive. I can’t afford to relax because my body is still struggling. I’m focused on helping the team win. I’ll get used to it after a few games.”

Na Sung-beom caught a bodhisattva on the 24th in Gwangju against KT Jeonseo. His shoulder was still there. He said, “I just threw it and it went right. I think I’m better at hitting than fielding, so home runs feel the best, but it’s also good to help the team with defense once in a while.”

KIA has been in a serious batting slump since mid-June. The batting lineup is practically in a collective slump except for Kim Do-young and Lee Woo-sung. The cracks in the starting lineup have led to fatigue in even the league’s best bullpen. The bullpen, which is one of the best in the league, is tired. Na Sung-beom has a big job ahead of him. He needs to be the fixer. The time has come for his 234 career home runs to be utilized.

Na believes in KIA’s potential. “We are strong enough. The rainy season has started, the heat has started, and it’s the most important time. It’s not long until the All-Star Break, and we’re about to enter the second half of the season. July and August are the most important months. If the players take good care of their health and don’t get injured, I think we’ll be higher than we are now. I’ll start with myself.”