“I’m really sorry, please contact the fans’ parents”… What is the story of the ‘relegation crisis’ EPL team publicly apologizing?

Leeds United players have officially apologized to their fans.

Leeds lost 1-4 in the 33rd round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season against Bournemouth held at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth, England on the 30th (hereinafter Korean time). The defeat left Leeds in 17th place and on the brink of relegation.

What was more controversial than the 1-4 defeat was the actions of the Leeds players. The British ‘Sports Bible’ shared a video taken at the lodging where the Leeds team was staying. In this video, Leeds fans were waiting for the players in the lodging lobby where the players were tied up. There were also young fans who wanted to take pictures with the players and get autographs.크크크벳

But the Leeds players ignored the fans and ran out of the hotel. Not a single player showed the attitude of trying to greet the fans. The controversy continued as the players who were staying in the relegation zone lost their professional attitude for the fans.

In response, the Leeds team said on the official website on the 1st, “As the Leeds first team, we wanted to tell the fans about yesterday’s game and the posts on social media. First of all, the performance was not good. Leeds fans traveled around the country. He deserves more because he is attending,” he began apologizing.

“The important thing for us as a team is the video of us leaving the hotel. It is a pity that a young fan in a Leeds kit does not get more love. On match day we meet with the fans. “Not only do I interact with the fans by taking pictures and signing autographs, but I do the same when I leave the stadium. However, there is no excuse for ignoring the fans. I hope that the parents of the fans wearing Leeds uniforms in the video will be in touch.” apologized.

Finally, they added, “We do not believe this fight is over, and we will do our best until the end of the season. Thank you again for the support of the fans.”