Incheon ‘Youth Sacred Goal’ Cheon Seong-hoon “The first goal ceremony is dance + greeting to the fans”

You’ve been through U-12, 15, and 18. I was a ball boy in a professional game, carried a stretcher, and saw you on the side… I’m excited to be part of this team.”

Striker Cheon Seong-hun (23), one of the recruited players of Incheon United in the 2023 K-League 1 season, is the fruit of the Incheon youth system that has gone through all of the U-12 team, the U-15 team Gwangseongjung, and the U-18 Daegeongo.

After moving to Germany in 2018 and being tested by the local club, in December of that year, he joined Augsburg in the Bundesliga, where Koo Ja-cheol (Jeju) and Ji Dong-won (Seoul) were at the time, and started his adult stage activities in Europe. After 4 years, he returned to Incheon and made his K-League debut.

Cheon Seong-hoon, who is in full swing with his teammates in winter training in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, met with reporters on the 14th and said, “When I was a youth player, I felt distant while watching Incheon’s games, and I thought, ‘When will I be able to come as a professional player?’, but I’m excited to come here.” “I just want to meet the fans in person,” he said.

He moved the team without making his메이저사이트 first team debut in Augsburg, but life in Germany gave him an experience that money could not buy. He was greatly helped by his strong seniors.

Chun Seong-hoon said, “It would have been difficult if I had been alone at first, but I have grown a lot thanks to Koo Ja-cheol and Ji Dong-won who gave me advice on soccer and life.” But I think I’ll be happy.”

Likewise, he is especially ‘best friends’ with Jung Woo-young (Freiburg), a one-year senior who went through the Incheon youth stage.

Chun Seong-hoon said, “Wooyoung hyung is in Munich, and when I was in Augsburg, the two places were close, so we found time to meet and rely on each other when we were resting. I want to be,” he said, “I tend to bother by asking many things.”

“In Germany, I made up for a lot of deficiencies in defense and supplemented shooting,” he said, returning to Korea because he was “confident.”

He said, “A striker is a position that must be shown and proved,” and set the goal for the first year at around ‘7 attack points’.

Chun Seong-hun said, “I often watched K-League matches in Germany, but I thought the quality was high. My brothers who had lived abroad said it was not easy.” it does,” he said.

With a height of 190cm, he is evaluated as having good command of the air, shooting, and movement, and coach Cho Sung-hwan expects him to fight in the front and score points.

Chun Seong-hoon said, “I want to become a player who can show destructive power in the box and score in a cross situation. I want to show the fans how to make a sharp save when a shooting opportunity comes.”

When asked if he had thought of a ceremony he would like to perform if he scored his debut goal in the K-League, he chose ‘dance’ first and smiled, “And I want to go to the supporters’ table and say hello to the fans. It means ‘I’m back well'”.