Injury replacement → ‘Man United ace’ who took care of little fans even in ‘the worst moment’

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has suffered a groin injury. Rashford was substituted out in the 36th minute of the second half after suffering an injury in a recent match against Everton.

Rashford was caught on camera entering the bench after being replaced by Behorst, but he looked somewhat uncomfortable as he walked away with the medical staff. This is because he was caught walking while limping.

It was later revealed that Rashford suffered a groin injury. Local media are predicting that Rashford will not be on the ground for several weeks.

With just nine Premier League games left, it would be a huge blow for United if Rashford were to miss. Rashford must be well aware of this.

However, The Sun recently reported that Rashford is becoming a hot topic for taking off his jersey to a young Manchester United fan as he walked into the tunnel after being replaced.

Rashford appears to have given the jersey to a little fan in a tunnel out of the crowd. The TV camera that was broadcasting at the time caught a favorite young fan holding Rashford’s uniform.

The Sun reported that “Rashford tried to hand the youngster his jersey before limping down the tunnel.” Maybe that’s why when Rashford entered the dressing room, the image of him taking off his top uniform was caught on camera again. The little fan who received the uniform and ‘windfall’ seems to be praying that Rashford is not seriously injured. 스포츠토토

Rashford has scored 15 goals in the Premier League this season and 28 in all competitions, making him an absolute Manchester United ace.

In particular, he is the player who has scored the most goals since the end of the World Cup in the European league, following Victor Osimen of Napoli, the current Manchester United transfer target.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are expected to battle Tottenham for fourth place. Currently, Tottenham have 53 points and Manchester United have 56 points. Manchester United have played one less game than Tottenham. Therefore, United are ahead on points, but there is a good chance that they will be in the top 4, which will qualify for the Champions League due to the number of matches.