“Is there a homosexual in the Moroccan national team?”… Fierce criticism over ‘crazy question’, player’s life at stake! BBC apologies in the end

 A ‘crazy question’ came out at the ‘2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand’.

On the 24th, the Moroccan women’s national team and the German national team held the first leg of Group H of the Women’s World Cup. Official press conference held the day before. The Moroccan national team was attended by captain Gizalan Chevac and head coach Renal Pedros.

This is where the ‘crazy question’ came from. The media that asked this question was the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’.

A BBC reporter asked Chevak, “Homosexuality is not allowed in Morocco. Are there any gay players on the Moroccan national team now? And what is the gay life like in Morocco?”

Hearing this question, Chebak frowned. And he was embarrassed and laughed. Director Pedros, who was next to him, also showed the same reaction. They looked at each other and couldn’t hide their embarrassment.

Chebak did not answer. A FIFA official who was moderating stepped forward. “I’m sorry, but this is a very political question. Please focus on questions related to football,” he asked.

Then the BBC reporter protested. He raised his voice, saying, “This is not a political question. This question is about people. It has nothing to do with politics. Please let her answer her questions.”

However, the answer to this non-common sense question did not come out in the end. Chebak refused to answer. The BBC reporter’s question circulated to the world press, and the BBC and its reporters faced heavy criticism.

“Sports press conferences sometimes feel like landing in a mystical universe,” said Spain’s ‘As’. come out,” he said.

Britain’s ‘Express’ also said, “In Morocco, homosexuals can be sentenced to up to three years in prison. Also, fines are imposed. It is a very sensitive topic. Many media outlets around the world have voiced criticism to this reporter’s question. Answering this question Doing so could put their lives at risk.”

Eventually, the BBC apologized. A BBC spokesperson said: “We recognize that the questions were inappropriate. We did not intend to cause any harm or suffering.”카지노사이트

The day after this incident, Morocco suffered a crushing 0-6 defeat by Germany. Morocco’s next opponent was South Korea, who lost 0-2 to Colombia. The two teams will face off in the second round of Group H on the 30th.