Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram named Player of the Week

Jaylen Brown (guard-forward, 198cm, 101kg) of the Boston Celtics and Brandon Ingram (forward, 203cm, 86kg) of the New Orleans Pelicans were selected as Player of the Week.

According to 『NBA.com』, Brown and Ingram won the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Player of the Week honors, respectively. Eastern Conference player of the week Brown became the player of the week for the first time this season and the third in his personal career. He was selected for the first time in the last 2019-2020 season, and as he was selected in December and February at the time, expectations were raised that he would be selected consistently thereafter. However, after not being called up for the past two seasons, he won the award later this season and was named the best player of the week for the first time in a long time. Boston, which he led, laughed in all three games last week. In March, he took a slump with three consecutive losses, but after that, he picked up 7 wins in 9 games and started to pursue the lead of the Eastern Conference. In particular, last week, the ball raised the atmosphere to the fullest as it won a great victory by more than 23 points. On the 27th (hereafter Korean time), he won a complete victory against the San Antonio Spurs by 44 points, the club’s most this season. During this period, Brown was very active. He recorded 31.7 points (.559 .391 .714), 8.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists in 34.6 minutes per game. He led the offense all week and boasted high scoring prowess, averaging 28.9 points over his last nine games. Despite being a swing man, he clearly led the team’s offense, boasting a field goal success rate approaching 56%.

The 3-point shot was also good. He reported nine 3-pointers last week alone. With a success rate approaching 40%, he added a 3-point shot and boosted the team’s momentum. In addition, he showed off another main gun-like aspect by adding not only a number of rebounds but also assists. In the game against San Antonio, he had a double-digit rebound for the first time in a long time. # Brown’s last week’s game log 22nd vs Sacramento 27 points (.625 .571 1.000) 5 rebounds 4 assists 4 3-pointers 25th vs Indiana 27 points (.435 .500 .667) 7 rebounds 4 assists 3 3-pointers 27 Sun vs. San Antonio 41 points (.621 .200 .600) 13 rebounds 3 assists 2 3-pointers Western Conference player of the week Ingram was named the best player of the week for the first time this season and for the fourth time in his career. He has been selected since the last 2019-2020 season, after wearing a New Orleans uniform, and has been steadily selected season after season. This is the first time he has been named in the category in March, having previously held positions in December and February. New Orleans has been in good shape lately. Starting from the previous week, they are currently on a four-game winning streak. They have been on a winning streak lately, winning all three matches they played last week. During this period, they defeated a team that was far from the playoffs, and on the 26th, they defeated the Los Angeles Clippers to complete their winning streak. In three games, Ball won by 19 or more points, and on the 22nd, he beat San Antonio by 35 points.카지노사이트

Ingram definitely shined. He appeared in all three games during that stretch, averaging 31.3 points (.525 .462 1.000), 6.3 rebounds and 10 assists in 33 minutes. Wrote a weekly double-double average. Even though he didn’t play a lot of time, he boasted a high shooting success rate and was responsible for more than 30 points per game, showing off the team’s key down side without filtering.

In the home game against the Charlotte Hornets on the 24th, he achieved his first triple-double this season and his first since advancing to the NBA. On this day, he scored a triple-double by scoring 30 points in just 34 minutes and 10 seconds. In the second half, he has a lot of assists. Having added double-digit assists in two games last week alone, he has recently shown off his passing sense. # Last week’s game log of Ingram 22nd vs Spurs 32 points (.625 1.000 1.000) 4 rebounds 7 assists 2 3-pointers 24th vs Hornets 30 points (.435 .167 1.000) 11 rebounds 10 assists 26th vs Clips 32 points (.545 .600 1.000) 4 rebounds 13 assists 3 3 point shots Photo_ NBA Mediacentral